Heavy steel, smooth milling with PEMA solutions

Milling with automated working sequences

Milling is crucial for all sectors that have heavy welding in their production

Milling increases production efficiency, saves welding time and significantly improves the welding quality.

Milling is the machining process where the material is removed while welding is the metal joining process. With strong welding automation experience Pemamek also has the know-how to optimize weld joint preparation specifically for welding process needs.

Machine for circumferential milling and root opening

Milling machine for longitudinal milling

PEMA Edge Beveling Station for plate edge milling

Milling with PEMA milling machines

Pemamek’s milling machines are designed for circumferential and longitudinal welds – with milling, a semi-narrow groove decreases groove volume, so a smaller amount of weld passes is required, and consumables can be saved. Also, deformations and tensions are lower. Automatic depth controlling enables the groove to remain constant.  For example in wind tower manufacturing, after the inside weld has been welded, the outside is milled a little bit over the inside weld, and the root is opened so back gouging can be avoided.

Semi-narrow groove significantly decreases groove volume and total welding time, and back gouging is not needed anymore. A defect rate can be also decreased using the milled semi-narrow groove.

Conventional Thermal

  • Oxy-cutting for both bevels
  • Welding of inside and outside bevel
  • Possible arc gouging between welds

Welding preparation with PEMA milling

  • Only oxy-cutting for inside bevel > Save time
  • Outside milling > Reduce in defect rate
  • Welding of semi-narrow groove > Less welding

PEMA CM Milling Machine

Circular seam preparation and root opening

PEMA CM is a new-generation equipment for circumferential milling. The innovative spindle technology and monitoring precision.

Advanced PEMA CM milling machine improves your welding efficiency and quality, but also significantly reduces defect rates. The machine is an ideal solution for milling circular seams and thick materials.

PEMA CM Milling machine

  • Optimized performance for thick materials
  • High torque spindle
  • Milling depth up to 140 mm
  • Fast setup time
  • Movable with overhead crane or forklift
  • Preset milling parameters
  • Interface to material handling equipment
  • Advanced control system
Play Video about PEMA CM 55 milling machine for circular milling for example wind towers.
Play Video about Picture of PEMA LM55 Milling Machine in a factory environment

PEMA LM  Milling Machine

Longitudinal milling machine

PEMA LM is a new-generation equipment for longitudinal milling. The innovative spindle technology and monitoring precision set a new level of efficiency.

Based on modern automation, the machine ensures easy operation by enabling pre-programmable milling cycles for different thicknesses.

Thanks to the robust and modular design, PEMA LM is set to meet the requirements of growing product sizes and future production needs.

PEMA LM Milling machine

  • Compact design
  • Optimized performance for thick materials
  • High torque spindle
  • Advanced control system
  • Automated working sequences
  • Integrated rollers for workpiece rotation​
  • Enables milling of satellites in same process​
  • Improved milling quality

PEMA EB | Edge Beveling System

For plate edge milling

PEMA EB is the newest addition to the milling equipment family. 

PEMA Edge Beveling Systemis a robust and efficient equipment for plate edge milling and preparation. It has automatic milling cycles and high monitoring precision.

PEMA EB Milling machine

  • Optimized performance for thick materials
  • High torque spindle
  • Plate edge scanning function for milling path alignment
  • Plate loading with robust conveyor system
  • Advanced control system
  • Direct Drive technology by KESSLER
Play Video about PEMA EBS - edge bevelling station for milling and preparation of plate edges.

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