PEMA welding and production automation for shipbuilding

Robotic Solutions

30 years of experience in delivering shipbuilding solutions

Pemamek is devoted to helping its customers to increase their productivity and competitiveness.

Deep know-how expertise combined with technologically advanced solutions allow us to serve our customers with ideal, personalized solutions – from a single piece production to high volume mass production.

Visual robot welding portal for ship panel welding

PEMA robotic solutions


  • Compact vision robot portal package with full capability of robotic welding. 
  • Optimal for flat micro panels with stiffeners and Tees up to 500mm (20 inches). 
  • Working width of 5 meters (16 feet). 
  • Length of the working area expandable in 6 meters (20 feet) modules. 
  • Minimum civil work with fast installation and commissioning. 

PEMA robotic solutions

VRWP-R2 and R2C

  • Advanced vision robot portal with increased welding capacity. 
  • Special rotating beam with two robots, both weld double fillet welding to guarantee profile’s perpendicularity on the panel. 
  • Optimal for flat micro panels with stiffeners and Tees up to 500mm (20 inches).  
  • Adjustable working width – nominal 3 to 6 meters (10 to 20 feet), can be extended.

PEMA robotic solutions


  • Vision robot portal with single robot arm, suitable for large working areas and higher assemblies. 
  • High flexibility for variating products. 
  • Dimensions engineered according to product to be welded 

PEMA robotic solutions

VRWP-X2 Series (X2, X2L, X2H)

  • Multi-robot system, with additional X2 axis to extend each robot’s individual work range 
  • One portal up to 4 robots – working width bending  
  • Dimensions engineered according to product to be welded  full integration  

PEMA robotic solutions


  • Multi-robot portal for high capacity requirements and large working pieces.
  • Optimal for flat panels with stiffeners and Tees.
  • Minimum recommended working width 18 meters (60 feet), maximum is adjustable. 
  • Two to four robots can be integrated into one portal.

PEMA robotic solutions


  • High telescopic Z-stroke robot welding portal with a single robot.
  • Optimal for high open blocks and sub-assemblies.
  • To be utilized also for offshore platforms.
  • Working area width and length always scalable according to the needs.
  • Welding height up to 5 meters, special configuration up to 8 meters.

PEMA robotic solutions


  • High telescopic Z-stroke robot welding portal, two robots with 3-meter (10 feet) individual X2 axis. 
  • Optimal for open block welding with high elements. 
  • Recommended working width 8 to 16 meters (26 to 53 feet).

PEMA robotic solutions


  • Extended multi-robot portal for high capacity requirements and high open blocks. 
  • Optimal for flat open blocks with stiffeners, T-beams, webs, and bulkheads.
  • Minimum recommended working width 18 meters (60 feet), maximum is adjustable. 

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