Induction preheater

PEMA Skycoil

Induction preheater for offshore wind foundations and towers.

Revolutionizing the heating process in:

Preheating solution like no other.

PEMA Skycoil sets a new milestone in the inductive preheating technology.
Curve-shaped PEMA Skycoil offers high-precision heating performance
for welding heavy tubular workpieces up to 15m (49ft) in diameter.


Designed for heavy tubular workpieces.

PEMA Skycoil is fully compatible with any existing or new heavy tubular workpiece welding process. It is designed for heating thick and heavy materials up to 160mm (6.3″) used for example in wind tower monopiles.

PEMA Skycoil is the most energy-efficient preheating solution for wind tower monopile welding. By far.

Energy efficiency

Leave gas for cooking.

PEMA Skycoil transfers heat straight into the workpiece, not into thin air. Compared to traditional gas heating, its energy efficiency is unbeatable. Induction heating in comparison to natural gas could save up to 188 MWh in the assembly of a single monopile. 

Up to 84% better energy efficiency compared to a natural gas system.*

*See energy calculations at the end of the page.

Production benefits with PEMA Skycoil

Diameter 5–15m (16–49ft)

PEMA Skycoil is a versatile solution for large tubular workpieces. The heater is compatible with seam heating of thick workpieces 5–15m (16–49ft) in diameter without adjustments.

High-precision heat control

High-quality welds require accurate preheating. PEMA Skycoil’s innovative high-precision heat control system meets even the tightest requirements. 

Safe usage & movable unit

PEMA Skycoil produces no flames or fumes. It has no risk of overheating by misuse. One compact unit is easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack. 

Heating performance

Fast & precise heating.

PEMA Skycoil takes a ground-breaking leap in heating up and maintaining thick materials at their correct welding temperature. Speedy and precise heating streamlines the whole manufacturing process of heavy tubular workpieces. 

PEMA Skycoil can be utilized for preheating internal and outside circumferential welding or heating during the welding.

The optimal temperature can be reached with only 2 rotations of the workpiece even with thick materials.*

*See heating data at the end of the page.

MAXIMIzed Safety

Safer working environment.

PEMA Skycoil eliminates risks associated with flame heating, such as hydrogen buildup and combustible byproducts. It also reduces the potential for burn injuries, fires, and explosions, ensuring a safer work environment. There is no risk of overheating the system due to misuse either.

PEMA Skycoil eliminates all health and safety risks related to gas heating systems.

Easy implementation

No hassle.
Move, plug & heat.

Time is money and no extra is wasted with PEMA Skycoil’s fast setup. Move the unit beside the workpiece with a forklift or pallet jack, plug the power cord, and just input the heating parameters.

Move with pallet jack or forklift. Heating parameters input and live data – all on one screen.

PEMA Skycoil
Technical specifications

Energy calculations
Induction vs. natural gas heating


Heating data

Based on rotation speed of 1000 mm/min

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Powered by 54 years of welding automation expertise.

PEMA Skycoil is the latest innovation by Pemamek Ltd. Our PEMA robotic welding solutions and production automation are used by the leading heavy manufacturing companies around the world. Welcome to the future of manufacturing.

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