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Machine life-cycle management


Highest safety

Efficient production

Life-cycle management for your investment

In all support functions PEMA Service’s primary objective is to minimize the downtime and ensure optimal life-cycle profitability of your investment.

PEMA Service plans are designed to serve each stage of the production but also to decrease your overall costs.

Our service offering

Software support. PEMA staff will make a production analysis on customer’s future production needs and goals. Material flow analysis and planning define the optimal configuration and layout for your site.

Maintenance, repair, and spare parts. Full range of spare and wear parts, including original PEMA spare parts, retrofit parts and approved replacement OEM parts, all meeting the strictest quality criteria.

Training & Consultation. Implement a new PEMA solution or advance the knowledge of the operators of your existing PEMA equipment. Training services include start-up support, installations supervision, operator training, and production support according to your needs.

Remote support. Once the Remote repair service enables instant visual connection to the machine despite its geographical location. * Available only in Premium and Total Care plans.

General & Robotics Helpdesk. Instant online service that provides answers to your questions regarding PEMA machinery and production. Helpdesk specifications according to the agreement.

Service plans. To make your investment carefree and easy, we have compiled all the services into well-rounded PEMA Service plans.

PEMA Remote Support

Real-time communication.

Instant fault analysis.

Immediate repair action plan.

Service plans

PEMA Service packages vary from Standard to Total Care. Select a suitable package according to your service and production needs.

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