Welding automation for onshore wind energy

PEMA welding automation for onshore wind tower and foundation manufacturing

Competition in the manufacturing industry has become more and more intense. Investing in welding and production automation is the only way to maintain profitability. Innovative PEMA solutions provide you with more competitiveness, productivity and quality in onshore production thus enabling you to do more.


Doorframe cutting & welding

Cutting and welding of a door frame is a phase that significantly slows down the production.

Section handling & surface treatment

During quality control, the use of PEMA control rollerbeds is recommended to ensure easy and safe handling.

Section welding

When PEMA Assembly station is integrated with modern PEMA C&B, the system is able to join and fully weld circular seams of an onshore tower.

Shell fabrication & assembly

PEMA tower assembly station and a small section assembly station can decrease fit-up and tacking time by up 50%.


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