PEMA Roller beds

Safe and smooth handling.

Fulfilling the latest European EN work safety regulations

PEMA roller beds reduce set-up time to a minimum and provide assistance for the handling of containers, tubes, pipes, and other revolving objects during welding, painting, or assembly.

PEMA roller beds can also be equipped with rail cars and other accessories for efficient production material flow. 

Accuracy, safety, and good ergonomics guaranteed. 

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PEMA Assembly line for thin-walled structures


PEMA N-series

PEMA N-series of conventional roller beds is the basic solution for rotating and handling a wide variety of cylindrical work-pieces. They occupy little space and feature a manual diameter adjustment arrangement. Loading capacities range between 12 and 1 600 tons.


PEMA A-series

PEMA A-series of self-aligning roller beds is ideal for handling unbalanced, thin-walled, and/or heavy cylindrical work-pieces. The A series of roller beds provide even weight distribution, constant rotation speeds, and adaptability to a wide range of work-piece diameters without the need to separate adjustment. Loading capacities range between 12 and 800 tons.


PEMA X-series

X-series roller beds are ideal for pipe shops and tube
manufacturing. Loading capacities range between  5 and 16 tons.

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By investing in PEMA solutions, you will increase your production outflow

Rollerbeds, A Series
Rollerbeds, N Series
Rollerbeds, N Series
Rollerbeds, N Series
Rollerbeds, N Series
Rollerbeds, N Series