Welding and production automation solutions

The time to start with automated welding solutions is now. 

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Automated welding solutions and machines

Pemamek specializes in providing high-quality automated solutions and machines that are designed to make your welding process as efficient and effective as possible. Pemamek offers a range of automated welding machines to meet your specific needs. From welding positioners to full production lines and automated robotic solutions, we ensure high-quality, dependability, and flexibility across industries. From efficient one-off production to mass production, we guarantee profitability and a fast return on investment.

PEMA automated welding machines are built with the latest technology, including advanced sensors and control systems, to ensure that you get the highest quality welds every time. All of our automated welding machines can be integrated with our in-house software systems, the PEMA WeldControl -series. PEMA machines are easy to set up and use, so you can get started on your projects right away.

We provide carefree investments and turnkey solutions that can include everything from pre-design to life-cycle management. PEMA Service offerings include, for example, remote support, training and installation supervision, maintenance service, and helpdesk.

If you’re searching for an automated welding machine that can help you streamline your welding process and achieve better results, PEMA solutions are the answer.

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solutionS & MACHINES

Welding solutions for various industries

Pemamek has customers from various industries. Our portfolio includes automated solutions for shipbuilding, wind energy, power generation, offshore, and process industry as well as for general fabrication and heavy equipment. PEMA welding solutions provide more flexibility and efficiency to production and the solutions are always customized according to the customer’s needs. In addition, many challenges in the production phase and in modern workshops can be solved with robotized solutions for welding.

Quality solutions for welding are an investment that takes a company on a growth journey. 

Pemamek uses the latest technology developed especially for welding. Intelligence brings more transparency to the work and gives more data about the process. For example, in our intelligent welding positioners, we have integrated a visual software tool that enables a better understanding of the overall production, improves manufacturing capacity, and saves time, especially in serial production.

solutionS & MACHINES

Standard welding solutions

PEMA Column & Booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high-quality production. Welding positioners again increase working flexibility, productivity, and quality. Positioners support the job of the welder, and the main advantage of PEMA positioners is that workpieces can always be set up to the best possible welding positions. Our welding positioners are a combination of modern design and reliable, efficient technology and can effortlessly be integrated with other PEMA welding solutions.

PEMA roller beds reduce set-up time to a minimum and help with the handling of containers, tubes, pipes, and other revolving objects during welding, painting, or assembly. We also have an innovative solution for manufacturing tubular and conical workpieces: the PEMA Assembly and welding station. The assembly line can be fully integrated with other welding solutions such as PEMA Column & Boom and PEMA control systems, therefore the operator is able to assemble and weld in the same station.

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Advanced welding solutions

In addition to standard solutions, we are proud to say that we develop proven customized solutions for our customer’s specific production needs. This means developing the solutions together and finding the right fit for the specific production need. We can modularize everything from roller beds to welding platforms to robotic welding equipment.

In all solutions, Pemamek is the main integrator. Pemamek is a technology house where everything is under one roof and our solutions are a turn-key delivery. Welding solutions are developed by several teams such as manufacturing, assembly, welding process verification, and testing.

All projects include software engineers, welding engineers, and application specialists who are experts in their fields. In addition to various solutions, we also can provide education and training to our customers.

Welding automation

Growth and new opportunities

Pemamek’s deep knowledge of welding and production automation spans globally across six industries. We are dedicated to bringing the best value for each of them and we have an extensive track record to back our promises.

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