PEMA welding and production automation solutions

The time to start with welding and production automation is now.

Welding Solutions

World’s best welding and production automation.

PEMA welding and production automation solutions offer you more output and uniform quality with different welding methods (TIG, MAG, laser, hybrid, etc.). By rethinking your production capabilities from productive point of view, gives you better position in welding and cutting markets.

 When working with heavy and complex shape work-pieces, safety and optimal production capacity are always at stake. Pemamek’s automated welding and production solutions are designed by the field’s leading experts to provide the highest safety and efficient welding at work.

Each PEMA solution can be integrated into our advanced PEMA control systems enabling you to maximize your capacity and take the lead in your business.

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Welding positioners, Column & Booms, and roller beds for heavy and complex work pieces.


Automated welding and production solutions for onshore and offshore needs: plate, jacket and shell/section fabrication.


Automated welding and production solutions for shipbuilding: profile and plate fabrication, panel lines, open block panel lines, pipe and T-beam welding lines. 


Boiler panel lines, water wall panel lines and high output tube panel production.


Production solutions for offshore and pressure vessel fabrication.


Robotic welding solutions for heavy equipment fabrication.

Why PEMA welding automation?

  • Solutions for heavy structure welding and production
  • Complete deliveries including material handling and conveying systems
  • Complete welding automation cells with PEMA roller beds and positioners
  • User-friendly and advanced PEMA WeldControl systems
  • Full scope commissioning, training and modernisation services


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