PEMA welding and production automation solutions

The time to start with welding and production automation is now.

Welding Solutions

World’s best welding and production automation.

PEMA welding and production automation solutions offer you more output and uniform quality with different welding methods (TIG, MAG, laser, hybrid, etc.). Rethinking production capabilities from productive point of view gives you better position in welding and cutting markets.

 When working with heavy and complex shape work-pieces, safety and optimal production capacity are always at stake. PEMA heavy fabrication equipment are designed by the field’s leading experts in order to provide the highest safety and efficient welding at work.

Each PEMA solution can be integrated into our advanced PEMA control systems enabling you to maximize your capacity and take the lead in your business.

Pemamek welcomes You to Make More.

Why PEMA welding automation?

  • Solutions for heavy structure welding and production
  • Complete deliveries including material handling and conveying systems
  • Complete welding automation cells with PEMA roller beds and positioners
  • User-friendly and advanced PEMA WeldControl systems
  • Full scope commissioning, training and modernisation services

Carefree process for you 

Our main objective is to provide you a profitable and carefree investment. 


PEMA staff will make a production analysis on customer’s future production needs and goals. Material flow analysis and planning define the optimal configuration and layout for your site.


Even the largest solutions are built in at Pemamek’s factory in Finland. The customer will be constantly kept up-to-date of process flow.


Once the assembly is completed, final factory testing is always carried out at the Pemamek factory under customer’s surveillance.


PEMA project management will take care of smooth coordination throughout the project. Installation service and testing save assembly time and costs.


PEMA Service offers maintenance, spare part packages and full-scale customer support globally to minimize downtime and related costs. Learn more about PEMA Service packages.


PEMA Service helps you to determine when and how to modernize your production equipment. The needed actions can be carried out through regular inspections and extensive reports.


PEMA Team at your service. Contact us and we will help you with any questions you may have.

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