Fostering responsible manufacturing

Building a successful business requires responsible choices.

As a Finnish family-owned company, we are determined to do our part to leave a healthy community and flourishing environment for future generations.

Our approach to sustainability has been divided into three focus areas.

Responsible manufacturing

  • True craftsmanship since the 1970s – people are our greatest asset
  • Transparent process – everything manufactured at Pemamek’s HQ in Finland
  • Clean & air-conditioned factory with LED lights only: 50% energy savings
  • Minimized waste heat: 70-80% of the waste heat is re-used
  • Using solar panels and run by green energy only

Pemamek's vision is to be a vibrant and successful family business also in 2070. We want to bear our responsibility as a company together with our employees. Continuous responsibility actions in all operations bring us closer to this goal all the time.

Current sustainability initiatives

  • Certified environment system according to ISO14001:2015
  • Voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement, Pemamek Oy signed an agreement on 2016
  • Energy saving commitment from 2015 to 2025 minimum 20%
  • Recycling and re-use of materials outside of steel materials
    • 96.2 % on 2020
    • 98.96 % on 2021

Transparent & sustainable production chain


  • Wind & water as the energy sources


  • Local energy providers


  • Low Co2 footprint ensured by using local suppliers and contractors (distance of 50-100 km)
  • 100% of Pemamek’s steel comes from Western suppliers that minimize their Co2 emissions


  • Lincoln Electric’s Inverter-based welding power sources


  • Lincoln Electric’s Green Initiative Awareness Program


  • Wood as the main packaging resource


  • Packages built inhouse

  • All other packaging materials are  also recyclable


  • Own recycling center


  • All main materials are recycled

PEMA solutions & Circular economy​

Long-lasting and energy-efficient solutions with a possibility to refurbish.

Materials & components used in PEMA solutions are designed to last for decades.We provide support and service throughout project execution ensuring that the ramp-up is fast and machine life-cycle long.

We use only modern & visual in-house developed software technology. Each of our systems is designed for fast ramp-up and easy onboarding for the operator.As an experienced manufacturing solution provider, safety is the top priority in PEMA solutions

Energy & Material efficient technologies

Fostering modern welding technology to ensure material & energy efficiency​

Thanks to modern technology and powerful data capturing, detailed welding data can be collected throughout the welding process. This ensures the quality of the end-product and that production is optimal. 

 Data can be downloaded and exported and the production can be adjusted according to data.

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