Responsibility & sustainability

Making a difference through action.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility is reflected in our people, processes, and products. We take concrete action to minimize waste, optimize energy consumption and resource use and, continuously improve our environmental performance and personnel well-being in daily business.


Pemamek has chosen the Advantage level as its initial sustainability target level.

Attaining the Advantage level gives us a strategic competitive
edge. It also fulfills the vision defined in our sustainability
strategy work: Pemamek is a responsible and
reliable family-owned company in welding automation.

During the past years, the operational environment has changed significantly, but also Pemamek’s growth in the wind energy sector and regulations have inspired us to launch this initiative. We think that acting responsibly and considering sustainability in the context of heavy manufacturing also strengthens our competitive edge.

Antti-Jussi Kyläsorri, Quality Manager at Pemamek

Enabling technologies

We are actively taking part in the global green energy transition. Our robotic welding and production automation solutions are widely used in the wind energy industry increasing production efficiency. The same positive impact of efficiency and end-product durability applies to all our customer industries.

Well-being people

In all Pemamek workplaces, we promote social equity, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect. We expect the same from all our customers and other interest groups globally.

Supporting the community

Beyond our organization, we recognize the responsibility toward the larger community. We are a strong local supporter, especially for children’s and youth sports activities in the Loimaa region. Another important part of our community responsibility is collaborating with educational institutions and universities.

In balance with the nature

Our commitment to more sustainably balanced operations divides into the circular economy and energy saving. The continuously measured factors include, for example, the use of renewable energy and side streams together with energy efficiency and the carbon footprint across our entire value chain.

First Whistle

Our online reporting platform First Whistle

Misconduct and non-compliant behavior can take place in every organization and work environment. It is important to report unwanted behavior and non-compliance as early as possible. This enables the organization to find out more and sort out the situation.

Pemamek has a Whistleblowing channel in use, which allows you to anonymously report misconduct or ethically questionable behaviour. The channel is mandatory for all companies employing more than 50 people under EU law. Reporting can be done either anonymously or under the name of the reporter. To ensure anonymity, the channel does not store IP addresses.

Pemamek’s vision is to be a vibrant and successful family business also in 2070. We want to bear our responsibility as a company together with our employees. Continuous responsibility actions in all operations bring us closer to this goal all the time.

Satu Salminen, Quality Engineer at Pemamek

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