Milling with automated working sequences

Milling is crucial for all sectors that have heavy welding in their production

It increases production efficiency, saves welding time and significantly improves the welding quality.

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Circular Seam Preparation and Root Opening

PEMA CM 55 Milling Machine

Circular seam preparation and root opening

Advanced PEMA CM 55 milling machine improves your welding efficiency and quality, but also significantly reduces defect rates. The machine is an ideal solution for milling circular seams and root opening in thick walls.

PEMA CM 55 Milling machine

PEMA CM 55 Milling machine is an advanced milling machine for joint preparation of circumferential seams that enables you to improve your welding efficiency and quality, but also to reduce defect rate. The milling depth can be up to 140mm while providing 55kW spindle power.

  • Library for milling parameters
  • Integrated material handling and welding solutions
  • Fast setup time
  • Graphic control system

PEMA LM 55 Milling Machine

Longitudinal milling machine

PEMA LM 55 longitudinal milling machine with automated working sequences is an effective solution for milling seams and root opening in thick walls. PEMA LM 55 is installed on top of an existing floor; no heavy foundation work is required. 

Conventional Thermal Cutting

  • Oxy-cutting for both bevels
  • Welding of inside and outside bevel
  • Possible arc gouging between welds

Welding preparation with PEMA milling

  • Only oxy-cutting for inside bevel > Save time
  • Outside milling > Reduce in defect rate
  • Welding of semi-narrow groove > Less welding

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