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Deep understanding and knowledge of the industry, turn-key solutions

Working for decades in this highly advanced sector has made us the leading manufacturer of automated welding systems in the power generation industry.

Understanding the needs of our customers, reliable equipment, modern processes, and the constant development of our products is key when it comes to serving our clients across the globe.

PEMA wide production range covers water tube panel welding lines, solutions for tube shops, robotized applications for complex constructions, and general steel constructions. Get the most of your production.

Pemamek is recognized for its long-term cooperation and key-customer thinking. This concept includes full lifetime support services. The fact that some of our very satisfied customers have included PEMA products in their production lines for over thirty years is a testament to this.

Panel production

Boiler manufacturing: panel production

Pemamek offers a wide range of boiler panel machines for various needs. Our panel lines enable the high level of flexibility that is needed in batch-type panel manufacturing. The fast changeover time for tools makes the line flexible for different tube and fin bar sizes.

Flexible PEMA panel production makes it possible to have a first-step investment to meet various production expansion needs. PEMA stationary panel welding line with a one-panel welding machine is usually designed for small or medium-scale batch production and can have 2-6 SAW power sources. The typical panel width is 1600–3500 mm.

Panel production

  • Tube and fin-bar feeding
  • Material handling
  • Panel welding with stationary machines
  • Panel bending systems

Fin-bar processing

  • Uncoiling and cleaning
  • Straightening and calibrating
  • Cutting to length

tube and coil processing

Boiler manufacturing: tube fabrication

Pemamek has a wide product range available for tube shops. Complete lines are highly automated and can even be controlled by one operator. The combination of efficient cells and fully integrated conveyor systems creates ultimate productivity with solid and constant quality.

Modern welding techniques include conventional TIG as well as multi-hotwire TIG and plasma hybrid processes. Efficient storage and material handling solutions are a must have in modern coiled production systems. One line can be equipped with several welding stations depending on the required capacity.

Tube shot blasting

  • Tube shot blasting with steel grit is a prerequisite for high-quality SAW welding. It reduces welding defects and the need for manual repairs after the panel welding.

Tube end beveling and buffing

  • The tube end beveling unit includes specific tools designed for each groove type. End buffing unit integrated into the end beveling line.

Cutting to length

  • Tube length measuring and cutting saw is integrated to the PEMA tube line.

Tube to tube welding and seam grinding

  • Tube to tube welding with hot wire TIG and seam grinding after the welding process is integrated into the PEMA line. Seam grinding is required for panel welding.

Efficiency and quality throughout the production line

Boiler pressure vessel production

PEMA is specialized in handling and welding of thick and heavy workpieces. Modern way to approach thick materials is using semi-narrow gap grooves and long-stick-out SAW process for welding. This method is highly suitable for machined semi-narrow grooves typically 50-150 mm and more.

A narrow, preformed tulip-shape welding groove reduces the seam volume and decreases the amount of fillet material needed. On the other hand, producing a quality seam is a process that places extraordinary demands on a production facility.For automated adaptive welding of thick materials with long-stick-out process you need the most advanced software to keep the process under control. Our solution for your needs is PEMA WeldControl 500 software with adaptive functions.

PEMA’s 100- 1200-ton rollerbeds are designed to meet the special needs of precise semi-narrow gap welding. In semi-narrow gap welding, the vessel must be rotated with extreme precision, with no axial movement, even over the longest period of time. For this reason, PEMA’s large rollerbeds come with an automatic hydraulic anti-creep function to prevent axial movement. 

PEMA has everything you need to start- or improve manufacturing process of heavy pressure vessels. Besides of welding solutions we have also heavy duty longitudinal and circumferential milling machines for groove preparation. 

Solutions for thin plates
We have also proved manufacturing solutions for thin and shiny materials highly suitable for food, brevery and chemical industry customers. Typical plate thicknesses vary from 2 to 25 mm and materials from stainless steels to duplexes.

The welding process is always selected case by case together with the customer, with focus on the actual need and costs.

Options for welding of thin plates: MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma and laser solutions.

Rethink manufacturing.

The time to start with welding and production automation is now.

PEMA shell fabrication solutions boost production

Pressure vessel manufacturing: shell fabrication and assembly

Special functions have been designed to make the workflow even more easily. PEMA Assembly and welding station can decrease fit-up and tacking time dramatically: it is based on the self-aligning rollers, fixed jig unit, and a “growing line” function. 

Solutions from Pemamek include: milling of longitudinal seams, longitudinal seam welding station and PEMA Assembly station.

Special functions to increase efficiency:

  • Multi-arc SAW welding with automated functions
  • Conical shell tilting
  • Fully auto-adjustable special PU rollers
  • Fast rotation from internal to external welding in long
    seam welding
  • Integrated grounding
  • Wireless control
  • Extremely fast fit-up with assembly line developed specifically for pressure vessel and wind tower assembly

PEMA Nozzle Welding Station

Robotic nozzle welding

PEMA Nozzle welding station for pressure vessels automates the nozzle welding process. The station is an optimal solution for heavy-duty workpieces.

Thanks to its hi-tech features, the system allows the automatic creation of robotic welding programs, based on laser-scanned groove geometry.

PEMA Nozzle welding station is an optimal solution for heavy-duty workpieces. The solution allows the automatic creation of robotic welding programs, based on laser-scanned groove geometry. PEMA Nozzle welding station has a quick ramp-up period.

Automated multi-layer welding results in visibly improved welding quality and reduced defect rate. Furthermore, automation reduces defect rates and saves manual welding hours typically required for a time-consuming and demanding multi-layer welding procedure.

  • Automated programming
  • Adaptive welding
  • Reduced defect rate


Boost your pipe production

Special pipe fabrication

Your pipe production gets a boost in productivity when PEMA’s rollerbeds, welding C&B, welding automation systems, and engineering solutions are utilized.

Longitudinal pipe sections can be welded outside by our Multi-Arc SAW portals and inside by our long reach welding booms.

Longitudinal and circumferential welding
We have dedicated welding automation solutions for longitudinal welding of tubular pipes, pipe-to-pipe, elbow-to-pipe and flange to pipe connections. Our positioners and welding column & boom solutions combined with special welding automation can be selected from our wide range of standard modular product families.

Various welding processes such as GMAW or GTAW for root pass welding and Multi-Arc SAW welding for filling up are integrated in our pipe fabrication equipment.

Efficient welding head and motorized slide modules have been developed to fulfill the technological needs that are required to automate the welding of different size geometries and designs.

You can choose from a wide range of PEMA positioners and the appropriate model and machine can be equipped with custom-made clamping devices.

Automating pipe manufacturing phases

Pipe manufacturing: pipe component fabrication

The offering of automated PEMA welding and production solutions cover welding heavy and thick walls in pipe elbows and assemblies, such as valve frame welding.

Our experts optimize the right handling equipment and welding Column & Boom from our extensive selection of modular product families.

Various welding processes such as GMAW or GTAW for root pass welding and Multi-Arc SAW welding for filling up are integrated inour pipe fabrication equipment.

A specific range of Column & Booms are designed for internal welding of pipe elbow segments as well for external welding operating in integration with PEMA Positioners.

automated solutions

Solutions for process equipment of boiler plant

The modular PEMA robotic solution range allows building the production system of numerous components with a large variety of robot tracks and material handling solutions.

  • Complete deliveries including material handling and conveying systems
  • Effective programming solutions such as PEMA Offline
  • Profitability for small-scale production
  • Commissioning, training, and modernization services

Pemamek offers a wide range of other modular solutions to make your manufacturing processes more efficient.


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