Solid quality. Absolute safety.

In the production of critical components, there is absolutely no room to compromise in quality. Therefore, quality must be built into the production process.

In PEMA production lines, solid and robust quality comes as standard. With several decades of experience behind us, Pemamek understands that safety and quality are critical factors in the boiler industry.


Production plant layout design


Production flow and capacity studies


Welding process support services

Working for a long time in this highly advanced sector has made us the leading manufacturer of automated welding systems for the boiler industry. Understanding the needs of our customer, reliable equipment, modern processes and the constant development of our products is key when it comes to securing business. With PEMA welding equipment for membrane wall panels, tube welding, and cutting, tube prefabrication, etc. you get the most of your production.

Pemamek is recognized for its long-term cooperation and key-customer thinking. This concept includes full lifetime support services and retrofit projects. The fact that some of our very satisfied customers have included PEMA products in their production lines for over twenty years is a testament to this.

Our offering

Panel production

Pemamek’s integrated production line provides high quality with minimum repairs and production stops. All lines are modular and designed based on the customer’s production capacity needs.

Tube fabrication

The line can be utilized with all necessary components for water tube wall panel production from raw material handling to already welded panels.

“Welding automation is the only solution for a successful boiler production.”

Mr. Klein

CEO, Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH

Hitachi Power Europe

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We are committed to providing the best solution with superior quality.

Flange Fitting Station simplifies production and improves safety

Flange Fitting Station simplifies production and improves safety

PEMA Flange Fitting Station enables fast, safe and accurate fitting and welding of flanges to the wind tower and tower foundation sections. Compared to the traditional way where shells must be flipped to horizontal fitting table for flange fitting and then flipped...

Automated PEMA production lines to MV Werften shipyards

Automated PEMA production lines to MV Werften shipyards

Determined to grow and become the world’s most innovative shipyard, MV WERFTEN invested over 250 MEUR in its production facilities and production technology. The company selected Pemamek as the supplier of highly advanced automated production lines to its Rostock and...

Industrial Boilers

Boiler panel lines, water wall panel lines and high output tube panel production.

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