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Pemamek Ltd.

Pemamek Ltd. 

Pemamek is a global welding and production automation provider. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing automated systems, as well as work-piece handling equipment.

Founded in 1970, the company is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (AAA-rated company). Today Pemamek employs 200 personnel at its headquarters in Loimaa. All the business functions from manufacturing to design are implemented in Pemamek’s modern and technically advanced premises in Loimaa, Finland.

Pemamek has sales offices also in the USA, Russia, Brazil and Poland.

Export rate over 90%

With export rate of of over 90%, Pemamek has delivered over 15,000 automated welding and production solutions to customers in over 50 countries. Based on this expertise, a great number of customers from different business segments have received tailor-made solutions that are designed according to their production needs. We can offer to our customers simple, yet concrete solutions that are efficient and hi-tech.

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier in our customer industries, collaborating with our customers to continuously improve their competitiveness. Technology is one of the key success factors in achieving this goal, as well as in improving the profitability of our own business