Production automation for wind towers and foundations – Solutions for offshore and onshore demands.

PEMA welding and production automation solutions for the wind energy sector are designed to boost the efficiency of tower and foundation manufacturing. PEMA solutions provide you the tools to increase capacity and raise your level of competitiveness.

 All lines are modular and designed based on the customer’s production capacity needs.


PEMA’s fully integrated production lines ensure production capacity, delivering high-quality with minimum repairs.

Welding automation suits both onshore and offshore demands, increasing overall efficiency and productivity rate.


PEMA welding and production automation solutions for offshore tower manufacturing.


Explore PEMA production automation solutions for onshore wind tower manufacturing.


Door Frame Cutting & Welding

Cutting and welding of wind tower door frame is one of the most time consuming manufacturing phases in the tower production. As a result of long R&D Pemamek has recently developed a patented solution to solve this production bottle neck.

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NEWS: Pemamek growing at Asian wind energy markets

NEWS: Pemamek growing at Asian wind energy markets

Pemamek has entered the Japanese and Taiwanese wind energy markets. For the company, the welding automation deliveries indicate a significant step towards future growth in the area. PEMA Assembly Station guarantees the highest safety and circular shape of workpieces. ...

Stronger foundations with welding automation

Stronger foundations with welding automation

As turbines get heavier and blades longer, the demands for offshore foundations are clear: they need to be stiffer, stronger and reliable. For the production process, it means integrating new technology and more efficient manufacturing systems. Everything starts with...

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