PEMA Welding and Production Automation

Solutions for Offshore  and Onshore Wind Industry

Welding automation suits both offshore and onshore demands, increasing overall efficiency and productivity rate.

PEMA welding and production automation solutions for the wind energy sector are designed to boost the efficiency of tower and foundation manufacturing. PEMA solutions provide you the tools to increase capacity and raise your level of competitiveness.

All lines are modular and designed based on the customer’s production capacity needs. Pemamek offers complete automation solutions for:

  • Onshore towers
  • Offshore towers
  • Monopiles
  • Transition pieces
  • Jackets
  • Floating foundations
  • Nacelle structures

Pemamek has the ability to understand the whole production process and to offer a complete solution, including equipment and services, needed for reaching productivity and quality targets.

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PEMA wind energy solution

PEMA Wind Energy Experts

Juhani Tuomola 800x800
Juhani Tuomola,
Application Engineer,
Wind Energy

The offshore wind energy industry is booming at the moment and the development speed is high. The question is how to build durable foundations that will last in harsh offshore conditions. That's is something we at Pemamek can solve.

Our solutions have significantly improved the productivity of these companies


“Our production became significantly faster right away after the first PEMA deliveries” – Tõnis Tuuder, Estanc

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We are committed to providing the best solution with superior quality

PEMA welding positioners, column & booms, roller beds, and robotic welding solutions provide the highest safety and welding efficiency at work, with 50 years of experience in the field. 

Better productivity and safety for a steel wind tower manufacturer TEN


Flange Fitting Station simplifies production and improves safety

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