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Meet the standards of high-quality fabrication

PEMA Column & booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high-quality fabrication. They are specifically designed to assist in the welding process. Their modularity provides flexibility, enabling tailored solutions to each specific task in question.

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COlumn & Booms

Efficiency, precision & safety

A “Column & Boom” Welding system consists of a base, a vertical column or boom, and a horizontal boom. The base of the column & boom provides stability and support for the rest of the machine, while the vertical column or boom extends upwards to support the horizontal boom. The horizontal boom can be adjusted to position the welding torch at the desired location.

When welding, column & boom can be very helpful in increasing the efficiency, precision, and safety of the welding process. They are commonly used in industries like shipbuilding, heavy machinery, and pipelines. They can also be used to weld in hard-to-reach places, or in situations where it would be unsafe or impractical for a human welder to work.

Each PEMA welding column & boom is designed in-house and manufactured with high-quality components at our factory in Loimaa, Finland. The powerful efficiency of PEMA welding manipulators is based on the innovative integration with PEMA handling equipment. Every PEMA Column & booms product is controlled with either PEMA WeldControl 100 – or WeldControl 500 -control system. These unique systems have all the necessary controls like welding process, control of columns & booms, and control of roller beds, in just one panel. They also have a welding parameter library (WPS), production data register, and remote access through which PEMA Service support has direct access to the customer’s site.

Thanks to their modular construction, PEMA Column & booms are easy to adapt for all the needs that the customer’s welding work may require, depending on the welding process in question, used material and the geometry of manufactured products. Possible processes for PEMA column & boom welding manipulators include:

  • TIG
  • GMAW
  • SAW (single, twin, tandem, and multi-arc)
  • Cladding with wire or strip

column & booms

Hi-tech control and powerful technology

PEMA Column and booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high quality production.

Three product families of PEMA Column & booms are easy to integrate with PEMA positioners and rollerbeds, and they can be modularly customized to fit the given task.

PEMA Column & booms are based on a user-friendly control system. The system enables full control over the C&B from one touch screen, provides accurate report from the process and saves all the needed welding programs for later use.

In addition to the dimensions, e.g. the welding equipment, cross slide, welding head mounting, flux handling in case of SAW, wire reel size and position and seam tracking method are selected to optimize the device for better productivity.

MD Series –medium-duty column & boom solution

PEMA MD series

PEMA MD is a medium-duty column and boom series for welding hard automation purposes. A stable construction with rack-bar drive and linear rail movements, PEMA MD provides a smooth operation resulting in excellent welding quality. PEMA MD is a versatile and cost-effective solution, especially for single wire and twin SAW welding, but suits well also for MIG/MAG and TIG welding processes.

The MD series is also available with an integrated control system WeldControl 100, which combines welding parameter control, welding data storage, remote control, and other advanced welding functions into the column & boom control interface.

HD Series – the most popular PEMA Column & Boom solution

PEMA HD series

PEMA HD is a heavy-duty column and boom series for demanding welding automation purposes. The series is ideal especially for tandem SAW welding in complete hard automation cells, but suits well also for single wire and twin SAW as well as TIG and MIG/MAG welding processes. With a roller bed and positioner interface as a standard feature, it’s especially suitable for tandem SAW welding with complete hard automation cells and welding lines of heavy tubular parts such as wind tower parts and foundations, but also serves well in single wire and twin SAW process.

HD series can be used together with our advanced WeldControl 500 -control system, enabling a high level of automation in multilayer welding.

EHD Series – Column & Boom for demanding welding automation

PEMA EHD series

PEMA EHD is an extra heavy-duty column & boom series for very demanding welding automation purposes. Always built to fulfill customer’s specific production requirements, PEMA EHD column & booms are perfect solutions especially for heavy SAW welding in tailored welding hard automation cells.

PEMA EHD Column & Booms are built to fulfill specific fabrication requirements with up to a 10-meter working range.

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Investing in PEMA solutions, you will increase your production outflow.

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Column and Booms, EHD Series Welding Manipulators
Column and Booms, EHD Series Welding Manipulators
Column and Booms, EHD Series Welding Manipulators
Column and Booms, EHD Series Welding Manipulators
Column and Booms, EHD Series Welding Manipulators
Column and Booms, EHD Series Welding Manipulators

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