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Enter the next level of welding

Looking for a solution that combines constant high welding quality, easy operation and fast Return-On-Investment?
PEMA Skytrack ticks all the boxes and many more. Have a closer look on this compact welding robot station and its capabilities.


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Plug & weld

PEMA Skytrack is designed for workshops that look to increase their production on flexibility and scalability.

It combines state-of-the-art robotics, intelligent software, and advanced welding technology to deliver high-quality welds with exceptional efficiency.

Robotic welding has never been this easy – just plug and weld.


Key features

2 tn payload

PEMA Skytrack is equipped with PEMA Skyhook Pro welding positioner with 2 tn workload.

Small footprint

The footprint with the standard light curtain is 25m2. With optional safety door 21m2.

Easy to use

Programming and operating with PEMA Skytrack is easy to master.

The robot needs no special foundation and is movable with a regular forklift.




The standard station includes:

  • PEMA Skyhook Pro welding positioner
  • Yaskawa AR2010 robot arm
  • Welding power source 32A
  • Standard safety equipment
  • CE marked

Fast ROI

Return-on-investment is calculated based on your current manufacturing process. If there is welding for two work shifts, typical ROI is 2–3 years. 


Options to boost automation capabilities and welding adaptivity:

  • PEMA WeldControl Offline software
  • PEMA AutoScan software
  • Safety door


First station or expansion

PEMA Skytrack is a compact robot welding solution designed for workshops that look to increase their production on flexibility and scalability.

It is an advanced robotic welding station designed to streamline and optimize welding processes across various industries.

PEMA Skytrack is a perfect solution if your workshop is looking for the first welding robot. Or if you want to expand your current welding capabilities, PEMA Skytrack is fast and easy to integrate into the existing manufacturing process.


PEMA WeldControl Offline

PEMA WeldControl Offline tackles the challenges of any high-mix low-volume production.

It is a great tool for weld path planning. One of the main benefits is a pre-analysis feature that makes it possible to test in advance which weldments are suitable for robot welding.

While one product is in production, the next one can already be programmed

  • Ability to copy, mirror, and macro functions.
  • Simulation of the production
  • Suitable for one-off and serial production
  • Quick ramp-up period – easy to learn 


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