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New generation PEMA VRWP-C for micro panel production

PEMA VRWP-C is a robot solution designed specifically for micro panel welding. Equipped with PEMA WeldControl 200 Vision, the solution processes welding paths automatically. Thanks to its compact construction, the smart welding solution is fast to install and can be...

Pemamek’s MSS2019 event gathers over 130 maritime influencers

Modern Shipbuilding Summit 2019, organized by Pemamek on June 11-12, 2019, was targeted for shipbuilders who aim to modernize their existing production or invest in a new modern shipyard. Modern Shipbuilding Summit 2019 was organized by Pemamek on June 11-12, 2019....

Chantiers de l’Atlantique orders two PEMA Panel cutting stations to Saint-Nazaire shipyard

Chantiers de l’Atlantique (CDA), former STX France, has ordered two highly automated PEMA Panel cutting stations to Saint-Nazaire shipyard. The new order is a continuum for the PEMA profile feeding line and two automated PEMA profile assembly and welding stations, to...

Featured customer success stories

Western Baltija Shipbuilding

Our good experiences with Pemamek go back to 20 years when the first PEMA panel line was purchased. Additionally, we had good references from other shipyards with PEMA solutions.

Vitalij Frolov

Director, Western Baltija Shipbuilding


The panels are straight and the quality of welds is excellent which saves us time remarkably in the assembly phase of the boilers. Additionally, the rework of the welds has been minimized.

Alexander Silva

Production Manager, Caldema

Chantiers de l’Atlantique

For us, this clearly puts PEMA in a special position, because PEMA’s heavy duty laser-hybrid welding solution and the milling station were a unique proof of their technology and enhanced with a great reputation on shipbuilding business.

Mr. Florent Camaret

Project Manager, Chantiers de l'Atlantique


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