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Complete robotic solutions for workshops

In the highly competed heavy fabrication industry, a company’s competitive edge needs to be developed all the time. Complete robotic welding solutions provide the focus and optimization the company needs, in order to be more dynamic and deliver more value to the...

Pemamek’s preparedness for COVID-19

​Pemamek closely follows the development of the global COVID-19 (2019-nCoV Coronavirus) pandemic. As an organization, employer and supplier, Pemamek takes several precautionary actions for business continuity and to ensure the safety and health of its employees....

Success stories

Automated PEMA production lines to MV Werften shipyards

Determined to grow and become the world’s most innovative shipyard, MV WERFTEN invested over 250 MEUR in its production facilities and production technology. The company selected Pemamek as the supplier of highly advanced automated production lines to its Rostock and...

Flange Fitting Station simplifies production and improves safety

PEMA Flange Fitting Station enables fast, safe and accurate fitting and welding of flanges to the wind tower and tower foundation sections. Compared to the traditional way where shells must be flipped to horizontal fitting table for flange fitting and then flipped...

New generation tank production line to Western Technological Solutions

Western Technological Solutions is a rapidly growing subsidiary of Western Shipyard group of companies (part of BLRT Grupp) that specializes in manufacturing stainless steel scrubbers, tanks and structures. In early 2019 Pemamek delivered innovative welding automation...

PEMA welding automation solutions bring productivity to Marketex marine shipyard

Estonian Marketex Marine acquired two PEMA automation solutions to boost double-bottom, profile and web production. After the investement, the company has been able to take in more orders and raise productivity significantly. CHALLENGE Demand for bigger production...


Pemamek offers a wide selection of welding and production solutions for heavy industries. Read about the trending topics in welding and production automation, and learn how welding automation can help your business to grow. 

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