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Welding and production automation for shipbuilding

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World-leading manufacturer of welding and production automation for shipbuilding

PEMA welding automation solutions for shipbuilding cover everything from a single-piece production to complete steel production facilities.

We have served our clients worldwide for decades with advanced technology, customer-oriented approach, and a deep industrial knowledge.

“For us, the compact solution has replaced a lot of manual work. In one shift, PEMA VRWP-C replaces six to seven people. As we work in two shifts, it can replace up to 14 people and we can arrange those workers for other tasks. We have been very satisfied.”

From steel storage to the welding station

part fabrication

Pemamek’s automated part fabrication solutions guarantee precise sub-parts with joint preparation and work allowance required for the panel and block production.

PEMA plate processing

PEMA plate processing machinery together with our global partner MicroStep ensures high-quality flat plate parts with milled or cut edges, marked and cleaned reference lines for the following production phases.

PEMA profile processing

Fast and automatic PEMA profile processing lines with our global partner HGG from edge preparation to part marking, cutting, and automated sorting secure the quality and functionality of continuous automatic panel production.

Advanced production lines for

Straight T-beams

Pemamek’s highly automated T-beam production line machinery together with its special heat-controlled welding process enables the production of straight T-beams with precise dimensions without additional working steps.

Fully or partly automated modular material processing and handling system are increasing the capacity of manufacturing straight T-Beams for new levels with minimal requirement of manpower.

Readymade databases and digital interfaces to control the manufacturing of different types of T-beams are core values to guarantee the quality and dimension for linked work sequences.

Modular solutions for efficient

Micro panel production

Pemamek provides modern, modular solutions for efficient micro panel production.  Machinery can be integrated into the shop floor or linked one after each other to create a production line together with panel transportation solutions.

Plate joining

Plate joining is more and more like puzzle plating – from PEMA modules you can find the optimal solution for panel creation with precut plates or like production line from raw plate joining and cutting &marking to precise dimension after welding.

Stiffener mounting and welding

Large range of adjustable mobile portals with stiffener manipulating devices and flexibility to pick & fit the stiffener in any direction either with manual control or fully automatically optimal welding conditions for following phases.

Robotic welding solutions

Robotic welding solutions for a micro panel fabrication are well-proven technology – customers who chose robotic welding have not turned back, instead have invested more in robotics.

Compact robot, single robot, double fillet welding robot, multiple robots – always machine available according to need.

With Pema, Weld Control software robots are easy to fully control on the shop floor without additional manpower. Together with the Vision system Weld Control can refer and handle the tasking of multiple panels and portals simultaneously.

In the heart of production

PEMA Panel line

PEMA automated panel lines are typically equipped with a plate joining station, panel cutting & marking station, and stiffener mounting and welding station. The right machinery with panel transportation solution is chosen by PEMA experts together with the customer according to the panel type, material range, and capacity request.

Plate joining

For excellent productivity with a minimum deformation, Pemamek offers a variety of automated plate joining welding solutions with all known advanced arc welding processes.

Pemamek has proven plate joining and welding stations for both one-sided and two-sided welding.

Stiffener mounting and welding

Several separate stiffener mounting solutions to fit, press, and tack the profile to the flat panel and create optimal conditions for following fillet welding.

The process can be done in separate stations with two individual machines or it can be fully automated and integrated into the one automated stiffener mounting and welding station.

For fillet welding various welding processes are available. Welding can happen with multiple heads enabling welding of several stiffeners simultaneously or it can be done stiffener by stiffener utilizing pre-bending or pre-heating features.

To guarantee the panel straightness additional welding platforms can be integrated into the welding stations to complete the solution for the production line and for minimizing the deformation.

Various proven solutions for 

Flat open blocks

Flat open blocks refer to panels with T-beams, pillars, columns, webs, and similar sub-assemblies – any open flat construction that can be approached from the top side with automated machinery.

For flat open blocks, Pemamek has various manipulators to lift-press-fit and tack secondary elements safely with minimum manpower. After fitting elements, the flat open block is normally welded with multi-robot welding portals. The number of robots is based on capacity requests and block sizes.

With PEMA Weld Control operator can control seamlessly multiple robots in one portal or multiple portals with multiple robots in the same working area.

High and heavy

Open block fabrication and outfitting

Open block refers to high blocks with higher sub-assemblies like inner bulkheads, straight side shells, etc. with access from the top.  To release overhead cranes, bulkhead mounting can be done safely with PEMA special high web manipulator with lift-press-fit and tack method. With lifting spreaders, the manipulator is able to fit even full block length elements.     

As long as the construction is open from the top the robotic welding portals can be utilized – with telescopic vertical axis robot can be fitted also to production halls with low ceiling.  

For manual welders and for outfitters of open blocks the PEMA Service Portal is the right solution to have all needed tools and supplies nearby immediately so the work can be done properly.

Smooth and safe

Transportation solutions

PEMA solutions ensure safe material handling and transportation.

Welding platforms and conveyors

Pemamek offers a variety of solutions for safe and efficient transportation throughout the whole production line.

Welding platforms ensure a safe working environment for workers and enable keeping the good quality of the product, and conveyors are always customized to fit on customer needs and type of products.

PEMA Flip-over Station

PEMA Flip-over Station is one of the PEMA developed solutions for material handling. It guarantees the highest safety and minimal deformations when the panel needs to be flipped over.

Panel & block transportation trains

Transportation trains are typically used at the end of the flat block lines – different kinds of trains can be used for product transportation matching with customer’s block size and weight needs.


Several remote-controlled or autonomous solutions to complete the material and product transportation between manufacturing units.

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