Robotic Stations

PEMA robotic welding stations

Robotic welding stations for constant welding quality and increased production capacity.

PEMA robotic welding

Robotic welding stations enable you to focus on the production

Robotic welding gives a solution to many challenges in production in the current situation where many companies are struggling to find talented welders and workforce and goals for productivity and efficiency are high.

A well-designed robotic welding system increases safety and quality and enhances company competitiveness.

PEMA robot station brings improvements and efficiency to heavy manufacturing processes and the station’s automated technology reduces manual work, producing a high-quality final product. The solution optimizes welding processes increasing the production capacity. All welds are designed in PEMA WeldControl which enables smooth and easy programming of the welds.

When partnering with Pemamek, you get the whole package as a turnkey delivery from one place. All robotic welding solutions are custom-made to fit the customer’s production and specific needs.

Watch a video of the PEMA robotic welding station

Play Video about Close up picture of PEMA robotic welding solution for heavy equipment.

Robotic welding

Reasons to invest in a robotic welding station

Customer story

Why Harry Metall chose to invest in PEMA robotic welding station?

The investment in PEMA welding automation equipment was part of Harry Metall’s future strategy for developing its products and aims to be strong and competitive in growing and highly competitive markets.

“We manufacture big volumes of products but in small series. Therefore, it was crucial for us that the programming would be easy and production flexible,” tells Harry Salu, General Director at Harry Metall.

Watch the customer story on video:

Play Video about PEMA robotic welding station for customer Harry Metall in Estonia. Picture of the machine and the team.


PEMA Skytrack

PEMA Skytrack is a compact robot welding solution designed for workshops that look to increase their production on flexibility and scalability. It combines state-of-the-art robotics, intelligent software, and advanced welding technology to deliver superior quality welds with exceptional efficiency.


Redefining robotic welding

PEMA Skytrack is an advanced robotic welding station designed  optimize welding processes across various industries. 

Thanks to the small factory footprint, the solution is fast to install and easy to integrate into production routines. Robotic welding has never been this easy – just plug and weld.

  • 2tn payload
  • No foundation needed
  • Movable production unit
  • Small factory footprint
  • Power 32A
  • Safety analysis & CE marked



Operating with PEMA Core softwares

From robot single cells to fully automated production lines in factories. Pemamek offers the widest range of solutions on the market with advanced in-house designed softwares.

Reading the welds

PEMA WeldControl 300 Scan

PEMA WeldControl 300 Scan for robotic welding is a tremendous aid for a welder.

It is a perfect tool when working with challenging welds or workpieces with large variations in groove geometries.

  • 10 times faster programming 
  • Easy to use and learn
  • One interface needs only one operator and robots
  • A must-have for workpieces with bevelled grooves and thick plates
  • Adaptive multipass pattern generation
  • Advanced laser scanning technology

Offline programming

PEMA WeldControl Offline

PEMA WeldControl OFFLINE tackles the challenges of any high-mix low-volume production.

It is a great tool for weld path planning. One of the main benefits is a pre-analysis feature that makes it possible to test in advance which weldments are suitable for robot welding.

  • While one product is in production, the next one can already be programmed
  • Ability to copy, mirror, and macro functions.
  • Simulation of the production
  • Suitable for one-off and serial production 
  • Quick ramp-up period – easy to learn 

Managing the robot

PEMA CellControl 700

PEMA CellControl 700 is a tool that links the different programming functions together. In addition, it also provides weld diagnostic tools, troubleshooting tools, and remote diagnostic tools. It makes using the robot as easy and simple as possible.

  • Controls the material flow and automatic work cycles at PEMA stations.
  • Full control over robotic production cell
  • Graphical user interface
  • Program management
  • Process scheduling
  • Interface to higher-level factory MMS

FMS Control


PEMA FMS controls the material flow and automatic work cycles at PEMA stations. It is an unmanned software-controlled production solution, that automates each process step while ensuring adaptive manufacturing for heavy industry.

As an efficiency-increasing feature, the solution includes a buffer area that de-couples the robotic welding stations from the manual welding station. As a result, the stations can work independently without waiting for the other to finish their work. This minimizes waiting times and increases arc-on times.

PEMA FMS brings more efficiency and production flexibility especially for products with short welding times, as the buffer enables smooth workpiece replacement and independent welding.

Quick ramp-up and fast return of investment

The PEMA Curve

The PEMA Curve concept is designed to generate real value fast for the customer. It significantly shortens the time between closing the contract and when the machine is running at the customer’s production site.

Our workflow in every robotic welding project consists of the following steps:

Trusted Partnership WITH PEMAMEK

Your robotic welding partner

One supplier

One supplier delivering the entire machinery and services. No broken phones, miscommunication or delays.

In-house expertise

Proven technology and process knowledge through in-house welding engineers, software development, design, and production.

Operator training

Our extensive operating and programming training enables fast ramp-up and facilitates transition. 

Full acceptance test

The service includes testing with the customer’s workpiece and extensive final tests at the PEMA factory prior to shipping. No surprises during final commissioning.

Life-cycle service

Reliable support and service throughout project execution ensures that the ramp-up is fast and machine life-cycle long. High up-time and productivity.

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