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Level up the production

Customized robotic welding solutions

Robotic welding gives solutions to many challenges in production. A well-designed robotic welding solution increases safety at work, improves production efficiency, enhances company competitiveness, and increases cost-effectiveness. This also means that the company can promise its customers faster deliveries at competitive prices.

Robotics can solve the shortage of skilled welders, as one robot can do the work of up to 3-5 welders. The welder, in turn, becomes the operator who manages the robot and uses his skills to design welding programs. With the robotic welding solution, human variables affecting the work, such as environmental factors and working positions, can be bypassed. Robots can work in challenging environments and in lower temperatures with minimum rest time.

The quality of the work done by the robot is consistent and independent of conditions, based directly on the welding program done by the welder.

Our customers use PEMA robotic solutions to enable highly adaptive and efficient production. Investing in robotic welding solutions is part of the future growth strategy for many companies and a way to maintain and develop global competitiveness.

More Efficiency

More Workforce

Better Productivity

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Tailor-made solutions

Pemamek offers the widest range of solutions on the market and all solutions can be tailored to the customer’s needs. The robotics solutions we deliver are customizable to the customer’s specific needs and business. For example, the dimensions of the floor track welding robot and the L-table can be customized to exactly the size the customer wants. The main advantage of the PEMA positioners supplied with the robotic welding stations is that the workpieces can always be positioned in the best possible welding position. With the PEMA positioner alone, welding productivity can be increased by up to 70%.

Widest range of solutions, always customized to the customer’s needs.

Throughput, planning, and scheduling of our production are working now a lot better. Automated welding requires the design to pay more attention to details, so our 3D models have also improved. Additionally, we’ve been able to develop our product modularity.


High mix, low volume

Increasing efficiency and quality.

For humans to effectively control the robots and the show on the shop floor, efficient tools are needed. Communication and control technology also needs to be fast to learn and easy to use.

Welding automation can help to create a better understanding of the production and increase predictability. 

At Pemamek, we are constantly working to improve our production automation techniques. Our dedicated software team focuses exclusively on robotic welding and strives to make the design of welding programs even easier and faster. Pemamek’s own welding engineers, in turn, can also design welding programs for our customers and train our customers’ welders to become station operators.

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Turn-key delivery

From robot single cells to fully automated production lines in factories.

In all robotic welding solutions, Pemamek is the main integrator with in-house design, software development, manufacturing, assembly, welding process verification, and testing, and project management. Pemamek is responsible for the full delivery.

The delivery includes analysis and ramp-up services such as studying the customer’s workpieces to find the right welding processes, optimized welding parameters, and workflows. 

Our customers get proven technology and process knowledge through in-house welding engineers, software development, design, and production. Extensive operating and programming training on the other hand enables fast ramp-up and facilitates transition.


The robotic station has made our heavy-duty production a lot more efficient.

Also, it has improved our environment in the factory, such as decreased smoke and loud noises, and of course, improved overall working ergonomics.”

A team for the whole process

Process Center

We have a Process Center of more than 500m2 where our robotics solutions are on display and can be tested by our customers even before they start working with us. The space also allows us to analyse our customers’ workpieces and provide training for our customers.

In-house welding engineers

Pemamek’s complete offering also includes welding parameters created by welding engineers and robot engineers’ programs for customers’ products. Before starting a collaboration, we analyse the customer’s production and its specificities to find the right welding processes and workflow.

Final tests (FAT)

The robot station is assembled at Pemamek’s Loimaa factory before delivery and the workpiece supplied by the customer is welded in factory tests. By working in this way, we want to ensure that after installation and final approval, the station is ready for production immediately and that all parties involved know the start of the return on investment even before delivery. No surprises occur during final commissioning.

Assembly and training

Pemamek’s machine specialists take care of the installation of the robotic welding station at the customer’s premises and assist in its commissioning. The delivery also includes robotics training and on-site production support after the station has been installed. 

Lifecycle services

The lifecycle services provided by PEMA Service ensure a high lifetime and long-term productivity of the robot investment.

PEMA Robotic helpdesk

After a successful implementation, the Pemamek Robotic Helpdesk will help our customers with their daily work and robotic welding needs.

We want to, and can, create comfortable and safe working environments with our automated welding solutions.

Teemu Rusi

Application Manager, Heavy Equipment Automation & Robotics

Our job is to guarantee the best suitable processes and minimize the risks of the delivery.

Jari Tervolin

Welding Engineer,
Welding & Milling Process Department

Reliable support and service throughout project execution ensures that the ramp-up is fast and machine life-cycle long.

Tuomas Elo

Service Director,
PEMA Service Department


Mastering the robot station

Easy to use software for efficient robotic welding.

PEMA WeldControl 300 product family is designed so that no extra hours will be spent on programming.

PEMA WeldControl 300 SCAN software is a tremendous aid for a welder: it is fast to program and easy to use. In order to run the production process, one interface needs only one operator and robots. Thanks to the simplicity of the system, the usage of robots can be adapted a lot faster and they are used more efficiently.

PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE is a modern tool that tackles the challenges of any high-mix low-volume production. Offline stands to tell that while one product is in production, the next one can already be programmed. It is fast thanks to the ability to copy, mirror, and macro functions. One of the main benefits is the pre-analysis tool that makes it possible to test in advance which weldments are suitable for robot welding.

Management the welding programs

The welding program is managed by a visual PEMA CellControl cell controller, which makes using the robot controller as easy and simple as possible. PEMA CellControl links the different functions and provides weld diagnostic tools, troubleshooting tools and remote diagnostic tools. Together with FMS LineManager, PEMA CellControl controls the material flow and automatic work cycles at PEMA stations. Together, they create and control workpiece sequences.

Our own production uses Pemamek’s own solutions, such as the WeldControl 300 programming tool, in its daily work and in the Process Center.

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