Welding automation for general fabrication

Welding positioners, column & booms, roller beds and robotic solutions

Robotic solutions

Complete solutions for workshops

Automated production solutions bring definite cost-effectiveness and a capacity to boost to any heavy structure manufacturing.

When working with heavy and complex shaped workpieces, maintaining safety and optimal production capacity is at stake.

PEMA welding positioners, column & booms, roller beds, and robotic welding solutions provide the highest safety and welding efficiency at work, with 50 years of experience in the field.

Welding positioners

PEMA welding positioners working flexibility, productivity and quality

Positioners also support the job of the welder, ensuring a safer working environment and better working ergonomics.

The main advantage of PEMA positioners is that work-pieces can always be set up to the best possible welding positions. As a result, welding productivity can be raised by as much as 70%.

Unleash the full potential of your manufacturing.

The time to start with welding and production automation is now.


PEMA roller beds - Versatile handling and efficient welding

Roller beds are essential for welding cylindrical workpieces.

Durable heavy duty roller beds provide assistance for the handling of containers, tubes, pipes, and other tubular objects during welding, painting, or assembly.

Accuracy, safety, and good ergonomics guaranteed.

Column & Booms

PEMA Column & booms - Ideal equipment for every hard automation solution

With robust design and state-of-the-art control system PEMA Column & booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high-quality production.

Three product families of PEMA Column & Booms are easy to integrate with PEMA positioners and roller beds, and they can be modularly customized to fit the given task.

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