With PEMA onshore shell fabrication solutions, you can dramatically decrease the welding time during the production. Special functions have been designed to make the work flow even more easily.

PEMA tower assembly station and a small section assembly station can decrease fit-up and tacking time by up 50%.


Conical shell tilting


Integrated grounding


Wireless control

Special functions to increase efficiency

  • Multi-arc SAW welding with automated functions
  • Conical shell tilting
  • Fully auto-adjustable special PU rollers
  • Fast rotation from internal to external welding in long
    seam welding
  • Integrated grounding
  • Wireless control
  • Extremely fast fit-up with assembly line developed
    specifically for wind tower assembly


PEMA Assembly station

PEMA Assembly station is a unique concept in the market.
It is based on the self-aligning rollers, fixed jig unit and
a “growing line” function.

These together with technicalknowledge and experience are showing a completely new way of thinking in assembling of shells into full sections.


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