When the PEMA Assembly station is integrated with modern PEMA Column & Boom, the system is able to join and fully weld circular seams of an onshore tower.

It is based on a user-friendly, self-aligning roller bed technology and can be used with tubular and conical sections.


PEMA WeldControl 100 – all controls in one place


Integrated PEMA rollerbeds


Integrated PEMA C&B – effective welding

Safe and efficient welding with PEMA C&B and rollerbed integration

Essential part of efficiency and safety in heavy welding
jobs is that your material handling, welding manipulator
and welding power sources works hand-in-hand.

PEMA integrates fully all of these machines under the same
user-friendly controller PEMA WeldControl 100.


PEMA WeldControl 100 – Flexible multitool for welding automation works

  • Production Monitoring for Increased Efficiency
  • Integrated WPS Bank Weld
  • Work Tracking for Higher Quality
  • All Controls in one place
    – C&B
    – Welding
    – Roller bed/positioner
    – Seam tracking


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