Section handling & surface treatment

In floor transportation, the need for heavy and sometimes risky lifts is minimized, and efficient transport between separate fabrication shops is facilitated.

During quality control, the use of PEMA control rollerbeds is recommended to ensure easy and safe handling of shells or tower sections. A wide range of sizes is available to suit all loading needs.


Easy and safe handling


Movements on shop floor – no cranes


Wide range of for all loading needs

Transporting shells and sections

If the factory shop floor overhead crane capacity is limited, PEMA
TC side transportation carriage system can be added to keep the movements on the floor level.

With systems like rail-guided roller beds and sideway carriages, PEMA is able to provide the equipment for transporting workpieces through production lines in
the most efficient way.


Customized rollerbeds – For blasting and painting process PEMA has developed special X-type rollerbeds and also protective coverings are available.


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