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PEMA WeldControl 300 for robotic welding


Perfect for challenging welds and changing groove geometries.

Full featured software with Offline and Scan functions

PEMA WeldControl is an operating system for heavy robotic welding automation. It is integrated into PEMA robotic welding solutions. With our intelligent production system, the welder becomes an operator already after a few days of training. PEMA WeldControl 300 is a perfect tool for anyone working with challenging welds and workpieces with large variations in groove geometries.

Perfect for high mix- low volume production

Truly adaptive robotic welding with WeldControl 300 Scan

Maximized arc-on time for the robot with Weldcontrol 300 Offline

Fast and simple programming

Developed by Pemamek, a software dedicated for welding

Integrated in PEMA robotic solutions


Globally used welding software

PEMA WeldControl 300 is already in use with multiple customers, welding for example dumper bodies, trailer frames, pressure vessel nozzle connection, and similar heavy components. We also use WeldControl 300 OFFLINE programming at Pemamek, in our daily production.

Our in-house software team is focused on welding only and is dedicated to making the creation of welding programs even easier and faster.


Key advantages

50 %

50% quicker weld path creationg.

The mirroring tool automatically calculates the correct positions of all external axis.

100 %

100% robot operation time.

The robot is constantly welding without unnecessary interruptions in production.

3 days

3 days training.

The software is focused on easy weld path creation. The welder becomes an operator after only 3 days of training.

Perfect match for high mix – low volume production

PEMA WeldControl 300 Offline

  • One-off and serial production
  • Simulation of the production
  • Parametric path creation
  • Copy, mirror, and macro creation
  • Quick ramp-up period – easy to learn
  • Visual multi-layer weld planning tool
  • Developed only for welding
  • R&D done at PEMA daily production based on customer needs and insights


Truly adaptive welding

PEMA WeldControl 300 Scan

  • A must-have for workpieces with bevelled grooves and thick plates
  • Adaptive multipass pattern generation
  • Advanced laser scanning technology
  • Quick ramp-up period – easy to learn


PEMA Robot station at customer Liebherr in Germany

“Thanks to the software, we could find an easy way for the operator to work, compensate tolerances, and improve welding seam preparation. It is difficult to find a software that is well-developed, fast to learn, and easy to operate.”

Rico Giebel Liebherr Rostock's Production Manager

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