PEMA welding and production automation solutions for shipbuilding

Complete PEMA Welding automation solutions

1. Plate processing

  • Cutting tables, transportation systems and cooperation with world-leading cutting machine providers.

2. Profile part manufacturing

  • Fully automated profile processes from edge milling and grinding to unique automated ready part palletizing systems.

3. T-bar and H-bar Fabrication

  • New methods to fit and weld constructional beams – straightening afterwards no longer necessary. Modular hard automation system that develops in line with customer needs.

4. Micro Panel Lines and Stationary Sub Assembly Fabrication

  • Mechanized or robotized solutions to build up panels, side wings, frames, webs, bulkheads etc. The high-end transportation system with unique welding function provides huge savings to the customer in man hours.

5. Flat panel lines

  • Sections are transported via rails and it is not necessary to lift heavy workpieces during the quality control and internal fitting stage.

6. Open block and double bottom fabrication

  • Special mechanical or robotized machinery especially designed for high volumes of vertical web frame and bulkhead welding. With standard designs of up to 3.5 meters or more, with special designs also available.

7. Transportation solution for closed block

  • Trains and wagons with hydraulic lifting and synchronized driving and control units provide the customer with safe and reliable transportation for heavy and valuable units within steel production.

8. Pipe shop equipment

  • Heavy duty solutions for ship and platform specialists.
    A: Pipe Cutting
    Precise robotized plasma and laser cutting automation to create exact joints for fitting and welding.
    B: Pipe Fitting and Welding
    Standard and special solutions for material handling and fitting with over 40 years’ experience. Automated high-class welding solutions with robots or electro-mechanized equipment.


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