Ultimate efficiency, uncompromised quality.

PEMA high-tech flat panel production lines provide ultimate efficiency in shipyard steel production. Uncompromisingly tailored to fulfill customer’s needs, they offer superior output capacity and overall productivity with a minimum amount of operators required.

Best quality, highest capacity

Fully automated and robotised high-tech flat panel lines can be directly integrated into the yard’s design and manufacturing data systems. The dimensional accuracy, cleanness and straightness of the prefabricated components and subassemblies allow for high-speed, high-quality welding for thin sheet thicknesses as well as for heavier plates. The laser hybrid welding process is supported.

Line consists of:

  • One-sided welding station with integrated plate edge milling
  • Plate cutting, assembly-line cleaning and marking station
  • Integrated stiffener mounting and fillet welding station
  • T-beam assembly and tack-welding station
  • Robotised fillet and vertical welding with Vision system
  • Service portals for finalising the panels
  • Welding floor type conveyor system
  • Load-out systems


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