Automated & robotized welding solutions for webs and bulkheads.

As long as the block is not closed we can provide an automated or robotized welding solution to weld webs and bulkheads. With our combined transportation solutions we provide you with quality, safety and productivity for you with good throughput capabilities.

Open block production lines

With the vertical welding system the operator is able to weld four vertical up welds simultaneously from level zero up to 3500 mm without the need for employee breaks or temporary scaffolding. The same can be done with the PEMA Vision Robot System.

The best solution is a combination of vertical welding systems and a Vision Robot, where you can achieve a very high productivity, for example in open double bottom work, by using VWS for vertical welds and the Vision Robot for horizontal welds.

It is always a possible to increase the vision gantry up to eight robots, for example. By increasing welding torches for one portal, the time it takes to get a return on your investment will be lowered dramatically.


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