Pemamek designs and manufactures automated production and welding automation solutions for shipbuilding needs. PEMA solution portfolio for shipyards starts from a single piece production, used in repair yards, to high-level mass production of newly built shipyards.

For bigger projects, improved productivity is the common target for both PEMA and the customer. The main goal for large projects is to improve labor skills in balance with the utilization of modern automation technology in traditional shipbuilding environments and new emerging markets.

The utilization of modern welding processes ensures improvements to quality while at the same time reducing work hours in block assemblies. This reduction is due to minimized distortions, reducing the total man-hours per ton of steel constructions produced. With the help of PEMA, you can expect an organized analysis of production planning and a practical work breakdown analysis, both of which can be used as a basis for organizing cost-effective steel production and time savings by means of optimized automated processes.

Our process output variations from single equipment to mass production, are performed by a modular product family: there is a large range of different solutions for the same task, but each has a different capacity.

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• 25 years’ experience in delivering shipbuilding solutions all over the world
• Advanced and wide offering – from a single station to whole steel production facility
• Local and global presence through a partnership network formed by the field’s leading experts
• Deep knowledge, profound know-how, and understanding of the industry
• World-leading expertise in welding processes, material handling, and control systems
• Innovative forerunner in using new welding and production technologies
• Digitally and technologically advanced shipbuilding solutions

Productive solutions for productive sites.

Innovative PEMA solutions increase your shipyard’s production capacity. Pemamek provides the exact automated panel line that your business requires.


Pemamek’s in-house control systems are built to connect PEMA machinery via open datainterfaces to the customer’s internal
ERP/MES systems.


Automatic part fabrication, from steel storage
to the welding location, with gentle and intelligent material handling – every process has been specifically engineered for
shipbuilding purposes.


Pemamek provides modular solutions for efficient micro panel production. Our mechanized and robotized micro panel line solutions are designed to build up panels, side wings, frames, webs, bulkheads etc.


The long experience and continous development of plate joining machines and processes, PEMA has several proven solutions available for one-sided or two-sided welding.

Productivity through flexibility and efficiency.

PEMA welding and prefabrication solutions provide a high level of automation utilization leading to increased production flexibility and greater efficiency in the flow of steel production materials.

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Robotics in shipbuilding: in-house software for in-house machinery

Robotics in shipbuilding: in-house software for in-house machinery

Utilizing robots in shipbuilding allows companies to get stable and high-level welding quality at all times. Robots are at their prime when completing simple and standardized tasks, which allows skilful resources to focus their time and effort to more demanding and...

Automated thin panel fabrication for shipbuilding

Automated thin panel fabrication for shipbuilding

Usage of thin panels is constantly increasing in shipbuilding since it provides better performance with lower fuel consumption, faster speed and agility for ships. Even though deformation and productivity challenges are common in thin panel fabrication, they can be...


Profile and plate production, panel fabrication, open block panel lines, pipe and t-beam welding.

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Ingalls shipbuilding acquires intelligent pema welding automation

The agreed large-scale automation solutions are described as the most advanced in the entire world.

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