Your pipe production gets a boost in productivity
when PEMA’s rollerbeds, welding C&B, welding automation systems and engineering solutions are utilized.

Longitudinal pipe sections can be welded outside by our Multi-Arc SAW portals and inside by our long reach welding booms.


External and longitudinal pipe welding


Large and small diameters


Combined welding processes

Longitudinal and circumferential welding

We have dedicated welding automation solutions for longitudinal
welding of tubular pipes, pipe-to-pipe, elbow-to-pipe and flange
to pipe connections. Our positioners and welding column & boom
solutions combined with special welding automation can be selected from our wide range of standard modular product families.

Various welding processes such as GMAW or GTAW for root pass
welding and Multi-Arc SAW welding for filling up are integrated in
our pipe fabrication equipment.

Efficient welding head and motorized slide modules have been
developed to fulfill the technological needs that are required to
automate the welding of different size geometries and designs.

You can choose from a wide range of PEMA positioners and the
appropriate model and machine can be equipped with custom-made clamping devices.


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