Specially designed solutions for vessel manufacturing ensures efficiency and quality throughout the production line. PEMA solutions cover all welding and material handling needs during these phases.


Integrated circular milling


PEMA welding platform


C&B and assembly station integration

Highest safety

Heavy vessel production automation requires rigid rollerbeds and
large size welding Column & Booms or welding platforms. The
semi-narrow gap SAW technique is used on welding exceptionally
thick plate, typically 50-150 mm.

A narrow, preformed welding groove reduces the seam volume and decreases the amount of fillet material needed. On the other hand, producing a quality seam is a process that places extraordinary demands on a production facility.

PEMA’s 100- 1200-ton rollerbeds are designed to meet the special
needs of semi-narrow gap welding. In semi-narrow gap welding,
the vessel must be rotated with extreme precision, with no axial
movement, even over the longest period of time. For this reason,
PEMA’s large rollerbeds come with an automatic hydraulic anti-creep function to prevent axial movement


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