Pipe component fabrication is one of the demanding pipe manufacturing phases. When implemented well, the process is fast and brings immediate results in production capacity and end quality.


In synchrony with PEMA material handling


Internal pipe elbow welding


Valve welding

Fast process, immediate results

The offering of automated PEMA welding and production solutions cover welding heavy and thick walls in pipe elbows and assemblies, such as valve frame welding.

Our experts optimize the right handling equipment and welding Column & Boom from our extensive selection of modular product families.

Various welding processes such as GMAW or GTAW for root pass
welding and Multi-Arc SAW welding for filling up are integrated inour pipe fabrication equipment.

A specific range of Column & Booms are designed for internal
welding of pipe elbow segments as well for external welding
operating in integration with PEMA Positioners.


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