Integrated welding and cladding processes are combined to our Column & Boom and together with the interpolated movement these processes are available for both internal and external surfaces.


Welding and cladding


Heavy duty positioners


Solutions designed for dish end fabrication

Integrated welding and cladding

The extremely demanding quality requirements of manufactured
pressure vessels are achieved by using high-quality production
equipment to ensure a stable and fully controlled welding process.

PEMA has extensive knowledge in building high-precision, large
scale machinery with up to 250 tons of positioners and numerically
controlled column & booms and welding platforms, and fully
integrating modern digitally controlled Submerged Arc Welding
equipment. These integrated solutions create a combination that
ensures an increase in productivity, solid quality and uncompromised safety.

Integrating a Multi-Arc SAW carriage and positioner in an advanced
control system, i.e. the interpolation of the welding head and
positioning the dish end, allows the welding of semi-elliptical dish
ends and hemispherical heads to be automated. Real time control of the welding orientation and welding speed is something unique we have developed as a solution for our customers in the industry.


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