PEMA Positioners

Efficient work-piece handling is the profound key to a successful production.

70% More welding efficiency

In welding work, positioners are essential aid in increasing working flexibility, productivity and quality, not to mention labour motivation. When combined with PEMA Remote Control, all of the movements can be managed easily and safely.

The main advantage of PEMA positioners is that work-pieces can always be set up to the best possible welding positions. As a result welding productivity can be raised by as much as 70%.

APS Skymaster

Rotary welding positioners specifically designed to lift, rotate and tilt heavy work-pieces with complex geometries.

FPS Megamaster

When extra heavy objetcts are handled, Megamaster does the job. Loads can vary from 25,000 to 250,000 kg.

HPS Headstock & TPS Tailstock

For long and revolving objects such as wind towers. Loading capacities range from 3 500-40 000 kg.

SPS Skyhook

The beauty of Skyhook is based on its flexibility. It is built to handle even the most complex geometries as well as lift them in different altitudes. The positioner can be rotated 360 degrees.


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