Ideal equipment for every hard automation solution.

PEMA Column & Booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high quality production.

Hi-tech control

PEMA Column & Booms is based userfriendly control system. The system enables full control over the C&B from one touch screen, as well as it provides accurate report from the process and saves all the needed welding programs for later use.

Maximum productivity

In addition to the dimensions, e.g. the welding equipment, cross slide, welding head mounting, flux handling in case of SAW, wire reel size and position, seam tracking method, etc. are selected to optimise the device for maximum productivity.

  Accuracy, safety, ergonomics

Durability, operational reliability and safety are all common to PEMA rollerbeds. Made to comply with the most demanding conditions of different machine shops, the rollerbeds fulfill the latest European EN work safety regulations.

  Loading capability up to 1600 tons

The loading capacities of PEMA rollerbeds range from 10 tons up to 1600 tons. All our clients will be able to find the most appropriate solution for their needs from our comprehensive selection.

Quick facts: 

• Ideal for hard automation welding solutions
• Flexible, modular construction
• Wide selection of accessories
• Advanced and modern user interface
• Three product families, tens of reach combinations up to 10x10 meters
• Full integration with all PEMA material handling equipment
• Possible processess to Column & Booms:
       – TIG
       – GMAW
       – SAW (single, twin, tandem and multi-arc)
       – Cladding with wire or strip
       – Telescopic arms can be selected onrequest

MD series

Stable construction, smooth operation. MD Column&Booms are designed to provide excellent welding quality.

HD series

PEMA HD is a heavy-duty column & boom series for demanding welding automation purposes.

EHD series

PEMA EHD is an extra heavy-duty column & boom series for very demanding welding automation purposes.


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