Welding automation for trailer manufacturing

Trusted PEMA robot welding solutions with fast return on investment.


Dear trailer manufacturer

Trailer manufacturing is a demanding business area. Requirements on welding quality and efficiency, as well as on fast return on the investment are well known to us at Pemamek Ltd.

Our mission for over 50 years has been to optimize manufacturing processes with reliable PEMA welding automation solutions. We operate globally and have a reputation as a trusted and innovative family-owned business partner.

I thank you for taking the time and having a closer look at what we can offer to you.

Juha Mäkitalo
Pemamek Ltd

Robotic welding

Why shift to PEMA robotic welding?

1. Up to 10x better efficiency

PEMA robots welding deposition rate can be up to 10kg/h with a single 1.2mm wire whereas a manual welder’s typical deposition rate is 1-2kg/h. The outcome is a significant boost in production and cost efficiency.

2. Solving the lack of welders

One PEMA welding robot typically does the job of 3-5 welders. In robotic welding, the welder is trained to work as a robot operator. No previous experience or programming skills are needed. We provide the training.

3. Consistent high quality

Once programmed, the robot produces high-quality welds independent of conditions or working hours. PEMA WeldControl is the most advanced yet easy-to-use robot station software on the market.


PEMA robotic welding stations

Fast on return on investment

PEMA robotic welding system for trailer manufacturers improves production and cost efficiency, enhances competitiveness, and improves safety.

What often comes as a surprise is the fast return on investment.

The return on investment of a PEMA trailer manufacturer solution is typically only 2-3 years.

PEMA CORE Software

PEMA WeldControl.
The world's leading robot welding software.

At the core of every PEMA robot welding station is our in-house designed PEMA WeldControl software. It is the most advanced and the easiest to use robot welding automation software on the market.

PEMA trailer manufacturing solutions have PEMA WeldControl with Offline programming as standard.

Offline programming

PEMA WeldControl Offline

PEMA WeldControl Offline tackles the challenges of any high-mix low-volume production. It is a great tool for weld path planning.

One of the main benefits is a pre-analysis feature that makes it possible to test in advance which weldments are suitable for robot welding.

  • While one product is in production, the next one can already be programmed
  • Ability to copy, mirror, and macro functions
  • Simulation of the production
  • Suitable for one-off and serial production 
  • Quick ramp-up period – easy to learn 

Reading the welds

PEMA WeldControl Scan

PEMA WeldControl Scan for robotic welding is a tremendous aid for a welder.

It is a perfect tool when working with challenging welds or workpieces with large variations in groove geometries.

  • 10 times faster programming 
  • Easy to use and learn
  • One interface needs only one operator and robots
  • A must-have for workpieces with beveled grooves and thick plates
  • Adaptive multipass pattern generation
  • Advanced laser scanning technology

Trailer manufacturer

Trailer manufacturing: customer case

Watch the video and read more about this real-life trailer manufacturing case. 

PEMAMEK - The welding automation company

Your robotic welding partner

One supplier

Everything you need for robotic welding. From system concept design and ROI calculations to machine delivery and maintenance services. No broken phones, miscommunication, or delays.

Deep expertise

Proven technology and trailer manufacturing knowledge through our in-house welding engineers, software development, design, and production.

Operator training

We provide the necessary training for welders to become operators. This enables fast ramp-up time and facilitates transition. 

Full acceptance test

Full acceptance test (FAT) means that your robot station is tested with your real-life workpiece at Pemamek’s factory prior to shipping. No surprises during the final commissioning.

Life-cycle service

Reliable support and service throughout project execution. This ensures fast ramp-up at the start, high production up-time, and long machine life-cycle.

Work with values

Pemamek Ltd is a family-owned Finnish company. We are here to serve and provide you with future-proof robotic welding solutions and services.


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