Welding Automation for Onshore Wind Energy

PEMA welding automation for onshore wind tower and foundation manufacturing

Pemamek provides welding and production automation solutions for the onshore wind energy sector

Our innovative solutions provide you with more competitiveness, productivity, and quality in onshore production.

PEMA  solutions for the wind energy industry are designed for the effective manufacturing of heavy steel structures for towers and foundations.

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PEMA Assembly line for thin-walled structures

Doorframe Cutting & Welding

Cutting and welding of a door frame is a phase that significantly slows down the production. The process requires a lot of welding hours, plus the work is demanding for the welders.

The robotized solution enables extremely fast and accurate cutting and welding. The process is based on WeldControl 300 CREATE and SCAN software, which makes it fast to program and easy to control.

Optimal production in cutting, assembling, and welding is reached with PEMA’s patented welding automation system controlled by WeldControl 300 SCAN.

Automatic tool changer

Special rotator for sections

Transport and lifting tool

“The production goals that we set for the robotic welding station, have been accomplished and our production is now significantly more efficient. The station has brought several benefits to us.”

Easy and safe handling

Movements on shop floor – no cranes

Wide range of for all loading needs

Section Handling & Surface Treatment

In floor transportation, the need for heavy and sometimes risky lifts is minimized, and efficient transport between separate fabrication shops is facilitated.

During quality control, the use of PEMA control roller beds is recommended to ensure easy and safe handling of shells or tower sections. A wide range of sizes is available to suit all loading needs.

Transporting shells and sections

If the factory shop floor overhead crane capacity is limited, PEMA
TC side transportation carriage system can be added to keep the movements on the floor level.

With systems like rail-guided roller beds and sideway carriages, PEMA is able to provide the equipment for transporting workpieces through production lines in
the most efficient way.

Section Welding

When the PEMA Assembly station is integrated with modern PEMA Column & Boom, the system is able to join and fully weld circular seams of an onshore tower.

It is based on a user-friendly, self-aligning roller bed technology and can be used with tubular and conical sections.

Safe and efficient welding with PEMA C&B and rollerbed integration

An essential part of efficiency and safety in heavy welding
jobs are that your material handling, welding manipulator
and welding power sources work hand-in-hand.

PEMA integrates fully all of these machines under the same
user-friendly controller PEMA WeldControl 100.

PEMA WeldControl 100 – Flexible multitool for welding automation works

  • Production Monitoring for Increased Efficiency
  • Integrated WPS Bank Weld
  • Work Tracking for Higher Quality
  • All Controls in one place
    – C&B
    – Welding
    – Roller bed/positioner
    – Seam tracking

Conical shell tilting

Integrated grounding

Wireless control

Shell Fabrication & Assembly

With PEMA onshore shell fabrication solutions, you can dramatically decrease the welding time during the production. Special functions have been designed to make the workflow even more easily.

PEMA tower assembly station and a small section assembly station can decrease fit-up and tacking time by up 50%.

Special functions to increase efficiency

  • Multi-arc SAW welding with automated functions
  • Conical shell tilting
  • Fully auto-adjustable special PU rollers
  • Fast rotation from internal to external welding in long
    seam welding
  • Integrated grounding
  • Wireless control
  • Extremely fast fit-up with assembly line developed
    specifically for wind tower assembly

PEMA Assembly station

PEMA Assembly station is a unique concept in the market.
It is based on the self-aligning rollers, fixed jig unit and
a “growing line” function.

These together with technical knowledge and experience are showing a completely new way of thinking in assembling shells into full sections.

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