PEMA Weldcontrol Series

Advanced Control Systems – Be Free From Complexity

PEMA WeldControl systems free you from the complexity of different controllers by providing a simple, one-panel control system

PEMA WeldControl has three levels of operation and provides the right controls for every user. PEMA WeldControl devices and graphical user interfaces are used in all PEMA automated welding applications.

High level of automation

One operator, numerous functions

One touch-screen panel

Robotic welding solution for ship hull production

PEMA Weldcontrol 100

  • Modern user-interface
  • Touchscreen for welding parameter
  • Values in graphic form
  • Can be connected to local area network (LAN)
  • Production data monitoring, diagnostics, and tracking
  • Three user levels

PEMA Weldcontrol 200

  • Robotized welding solution for shipbuilding
  • An easy and fast method to program robots
  • Based on 3D software
  • All operations available on the shop floor
  • Only one operator
  • Realistic weld models

PEMA Weldcontrol 300

  • Robotized welding solution for heavy fabrication
  • Pre-analysis of the product
  • Based on 3D software
  • 100% robot operation time
  • 10 times faster programming
  • OFFLINE, CREATE and SCAN features

PEMA WeldControl 300 Offline is a perfect match for high mix - low volume production.

PEMA Weldcontrol 500

  • Automated multi-pass welding
  • Adaptive filling functions
  • Parameters and movement management from one screen
  • Additional accessories (camera, laser seam tracking, etc.)

PEMA CellControl 700

  • Full control over robotic production cell
  • Graphical user interface
  • Program management
  • Process scheduling
  • Interface to higher-level factory MMS

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