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PEMA standardized products

We design and manufacture automated welding and production solutions for the complex needs of the heavy metal industry.

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The time to start with welding and production automation is now.

Columns and Booms - Pemamek

Column & booms

PEMA Column & Booms are developed to improve productivity and meet the standards of high-quality fabrication.

Robotic stations

Robotic welding station PEMA Skytrack is designed to streamline and optimize welding processes across various industries.

Positioners - Pemamek


Welding positioners increase working flexibility, productivity, and quality as well as support the job of the welder.

Rollerbeds - Pemamek

Roller beds

PEMA Roller beds assist in the handling of tubes, pipes and other revolving objects during welding, painting or assembly.

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Investing in PEMA solutions, you will increase your production outflow.

Rollerbeds, A Series
A Series, Rollerbeds
Rollerbeds, A Series
Rollerbeds, A Series
Rollerbeds, A Series
Rollerbeds, A Series

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