EHD 5×5

PEMA EHD is an extra heavy-duty column & boom series for very demanding welding automation purposes. Always built to fulfill customer’s specific production requirements, PEMA EHD column & booms are perfect solutions especially for heavy SAW welding in tailored welding hard automation cells.

Main Features

Ideal for multi wire SAW welding processes

Easy to integrate with PEMA positioners and roller beds

Working range up to 32 feet

Wide range of optional accessories

Technical Specifications

Longitudinal and circumferential seam welding

Welding processes: heavy SAW welding, strip cladding, narrow gap applications

Optional accessories: e.g. flux handling, camera, control systems (see full list in the data sheet)

Vertical reach: 60 – 255 inches

Boom reach: 50 – 245 inches

Column rotation: motorized

EHD 5×5

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