PEMA APSi 25000

PEMA Skymaster PRO positioner for extra-heavy work. The height, tilt and rotating speed of workpiece are fully adjustable and programmable.

Optimal and repeatable position for ergonomics, capacity increase and simulated movements for safety. As a result welding productivity can be raised significantly compared to the conventional positioner.

PRO features are available with mobile, tablet and laptop via WiFi. PRO application runs on the internet browser and includes e.g. programming for the positioner, machine diagnostic, maintenance book and possibility to add notes.

Hundreds of man-hours saved yearly compared to manual work-piece handling. With PEMA Skymaster PRO these hours can be used on actual productive work.


Remotely programmable movements and memory function

Library for stored work cycles and handling positions

Always correct welding position to guarantee quality and ergonomics

Quick and easy learning period for a new employee

Comprehensive diagnostics and data for product maintenance

Technische eigenschaften

Max. load: 250 000 N

Height min-max: 63 – 113 inches

Length: 157 inches

Width: 77 inches

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Ein halbes Jahrhundert globaler Exzellenz.

Pemamek ist ein globaler Anbieter von Schweiß- und Produktionsautomatisierungslösungen.

Das Unternehmen ist auf das Design und die Herstellung automatisierter Systeme für die Schwermetallindustrie spezialisiert.


Automated PEMA production lines to MV Werften shipyards


Flange Fitting Station simplifies production and improves safety

Unsere Lösungen haben die Produktivität dieser Unternehmen erheblich verbessert


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