MTG Dolphin PLC Invests In Modern PEMA Shipbuilding Production Automation​

MTG Dolphin PLC invests in modern PEMA Shipbuilding production automation

Bulgarian shipbuilding company MTG Dolphin PLC has placed an order for an automated PEMA welding solution. The delivery includes PEMA Flat Panel Line with two integrated Welding Portals, One Side Welding Station and Panel Transport System.

Pemamek has received an order from Bulgarian shipyard MTG Dolphin PLC. The order includes an automated PEMA Panel Line, One Side Welding Station, Web Mounting Portal, Stiffener Welding Portal and Roller Conveyor Line. Significant investment in a modern automated welding production solution is part of MTG Dolphin’s bigger development initiative and future strategy.

The large-scale investment in the PEMA solution brings significant improvements and efficiency to MTG Dolphin’s vessel manufacturing process. The line’s automated technology reduces manual work, producing a high-quality final product. The solution is designed to optimize plate joining and stiffener welding processes increasing the production capacity.

“Pemamek could offer the best solution for our needs and be flexible and supportive during the whole decision-making time. We did the final decision during the interactive online welding demonstrations, and we were fully satisfied with the private online meetings giving us the information we needed”, says Kliment Velinov, Sales Manager at Dolphin.

As a part of the investment, Pemamek provides support for both, the search of welding parameters and the station’s lifecycle services. The investment covers a maintenance contract that includes annual maintenance, updates, and remote support. Additionally, Pemamek delivers production support, training, and installation supervising, tailored to MTG Dolphin’s needs.

“Co-operation has been very close and active via remote tools. We found a suitable solution together and I see a large potential to improve and increase productivity.”, Mika Nihti, Area sales manager (Eastern Europe) at Pemamek, summarizes.

The automated solution will be delivered and ready for production during spring 2022.

For more information, please contact:

Mika Nihti, Area Sales Manager, Eastern Europe,, +358 50 350 6961

Pauliina Selinheimo, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pemamek Ltd.,, +358 50 528 6535

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