Compact robot welding station.

PEMA Skytrack

PEMA Skytrack

PEMA Skytrack is a compact robot welding solution designed for workshops that look to increase their production on flexibility and scalability.

Thanks to the small factory footprint, the solution is fast to install and easy to integrate into production routines. Robotic welding has never been this easy – just plug and weld.

PEMA Skytrack is a compact robot welding solution.

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Compact robot welding solution.

The brain behind PEMA Skytrack is the PEMA WeldControl 300 Offline software. The system takes care of the programming and simulation. The core idea of the software is that programming of the work piece is done while the robot is welding another workpiece – thus, production capacity can be maximized.

PEMA Skytrack also features the PEMA Skyhook welding positioner. Movement on all axes is fully integrated with the controller for synchronous movement of the robot and positioner. The welded workpiece can be rotated and turned synchronously ensuring the production high-quality parts and safe working conditions.

Technical features:

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