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PEMA Skymaster PRO

Controlled with an intelligent software tool.  A fusion of modern digitality and Pemamek’s signature positioning technology

Pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions

Specific attention to easy usage

At Pemamek, we work constantly to thoroughly master the production automation technologies.

Our latest development, PEMA Skymaster PRO welding positioner, represents a fusion of modern digitality and Pemamek’s signature positioning technology.

The PEMA Skymaster PRO series expands the handling capabilities of previous Skymaster positioners with new intelligent software that enables pre-programming of work cycles and handling positions.

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PEMA Skymaster PRO Programmable Welding Positioner

Programmable. Visual. Digital.

The visual software tool enables a better understanding of the overall production, improves manufacturing capacity, and saves time especially in serial production.

The PRO dashboard can be managed with a mobile, tablet, or laptop device. The wireless connection between the welding positioner and digital device is based on WiFi.  


Library to save up to 35 work cycles and 1750 positions with an import and export feature.

Wide selection

Optimal dimensions for any production purposes. Skymaster PRO series available from 1600 lbs up to 77 000 lbs.

More productivity

Pre-programming with a browser-based system makes handling significantly faster.

Brochure and Datasheet Download

Download PEMA Skymaster PRO -brochure
Download PEMA Skymaster PRO APSi -datasheets

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