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PEMA Flexible Manufacturing System

Unmanned solution


Independent welding

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Based on the most powerful routing system.

Unmanned, reactive and flexible production system.

Fully automatic production and logistics.

PEMA FMS is unmanned software-controlled production solution that automates each process step while ensuring adaptive manufacturing for heavy industry.

As an efficiency-increasing feature, the solution includes a buffer area that de-couples the robotic welding stations from the manual welding station. As a result, the stations can work independently without waiting for the other to finish their work. This minimizes waiting times and increases arc-on times.

PEMA FMS brings more efficiency and production flexibility especially for products with short welding times, as the buffer enables smooth workpiece replacement and independent welding.

Powerful routing system: PEMA Line Control

  • Each workpiece is identified by RFID or QR-code.

  • Transport delivers workpiece to the correct stations.

  • FMS tracks all work phases and provides progress info.

  • Layout view gives an overview of the line. Checks items from single stations and buffer positions

Known for its user-friendly and in-house developed control systems, for the PEMA FMS Pemamek has created a visually appealing and powerful routing software called Line control. The interface identifies the workpiece by RFID or QR code after which the transport conveyor takes the structure to the right process cell. In addition to the work view queue and status, the system tracks all work phases and provides information on the progress, among other features.

Key benefits of PEMA FMS

The purpose of the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is to economically permit the creation of varied workpieces in small (or even a single piece) and repeatable batches. The system allows altering the type of produced workpieces efficiently and flexibly. In the context of heavy manufacturing, FMS is a software-controlled tool that includes production lines capable of automated material handling and welding processes based on a predefined schedule while mitigating manual interventions.

De-coupled operation

The buffer of the FMS  de-couples the robotic welding stations from the manual welding station. This means that the stations can work independently without waiting for the other to finish its work. This minimizes waiting times and increases arc-on times.

Flexible automated material flow

FMS takes care of the routing between the process stations. This makes production very flexible. The various work pieces may visit one or several process stations in a different order depending on the “manufacturing recipe” that has been selected.

Tailored for customer needs

The number of robotic and possible manual process stations, the amount of buffer stations and the automated material handling solutions are chosen according to the workpieces, throughput requirements and unmanned operation needs.

More flexibility & scalability

PEMA FMS handles work queues and moving work pieces between the process stations and buffer places. This ensures maximum arc-on time. Extended unmanned operation is possible by loading the buffer places with work pieces prior to the unmanned shift.

The possibility to add buffers according to manufacturing needs makes PEMA FMS a perfect solution for any manufacturing plant adding scalability and flexibility to the production.

PEMA FMS is designed to fit the customer’s needs and plant. In/output, logistics, and working stations are separate modules that can be combined to get the most out of the plant floor. 

PEMA engineers use plant layouts and workpiece measurements to produce the most efficient FMS system for each customer. This makes PEMA FMS a good candidate for both smaller and bigger manufacturing plants.

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