Webinar recap: Revolutionary nozzle welding

On Wednesday, the 24th of June, Pemamek organized its first virtual event for customers. The “Revolutionary nozzle welding” webinar was held in two different sessions to serve customers from different time zones. In total, the event gathered 240 viewers from 23 different countries.

The “Revolutionary nozzle welding” webinar, organized by Pemamek, included a comprehensive introduction to the complete nozzle solution and its modern welding technology. After the technical presentation, there was a live demonstration of how to program with the PEMA WeldControl 300 Scan following by robotic welding streamed directly from the PEMA Process Center.

The technical presentation was given by Pemamek’s Application Manager of Offshore and Process industry, Jyri Luhtio (left). The host of the webinar was Area Sales Manager, Kimmo Ruottu (right).

The “Revolutionary nozzle welding webinar” included a live welding demonstration streamed directly from the PEMA Process Center.

“To host a good webinar, clear plan, rehearsals, equipment, and teamwork are crucial​.”

“Today’s video and webinar technology make it possible to provide the experience of as if the viewers were physically next to the welding station. In this webinar we used four different cameras to show a variety of angles,” describes Olli Vesterinen Audio-Visual Media Manager at Pemamek.

According to Vesterinen, there are several good outcomes from webinars, such as customer engagement, lead generation, and increased brand awareness. To make it all possible he emphasizes good planning and great teamwork.

“Especially in the current circumstances, webinars are an effective way to interact with people globally. To host a good webinar, clear plan, rehearsal, equipment, and teamwork are crucial,” summarizes Vesterinen.

Among other factors for a good webinar, Vesterinen emphasizes teamwork. From the left: Jyri Luhtio, Anni Mäkitalo, Olli Vesterinen, Kimmo Ruottu, Miika Kartano, Juhani Tuomola and Emilia Vuorela

Thank you to everyone who took part in the “Revolutionary nozzle welding webinar”!

Pemamek will host more webinars soon. To stay updated on the upcoming events, follow our social media or subscribe to our PEMA newsletter and you will be the first to know.

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