Pemamek responds to wind energy sector’s rising demand: Invests 15 Meur in factory expansion and R&D

The welding and production automation provider Pemamek Ltd. invests in factory expansion and R&D. The investment totals 15 Meur. Additionally, by the end of the year 2022, the company will recruit an additional 40 people.

The Finnish family-owned welding and production automation provider, Pemamek Ltd., has announced a total of 15 Meur investments in factory expansion and product development. The investment decision has been further supported by the received orders from the wind energy industry during spring 2022, but also the growing demand for heavy industry robot solutions. Also, the company has several ongoing negotiations for new deliveries.

“Factors, such as green transition and energy self-sufficiency have significantly increased the interest towards wind energy. Also, the sizes of offshore wind tower constructions are growing. As an example, the diameter of a tower foundation can be over 15 meters. Currently, there is no manufacturing capacity for structures of this size. Thus, tower and foundation manufacturers are required to invest in new, larger-scale production solutions”, says Pemamek’s CEO, Juha Mäkitalo.

The new factory expansion increases Pemamek’s production capacity and abilities to meet the rising demand from the wind power industry. Alongside shipbuilding, wind energy is becoming another major customer sector for the company. Furthermore, the demand for heavy industry robot solutions has been increasing.

“In addition to the shipbuilding and wind energy sectors, demand for heavy industry robot solutions is growing. Finnish technology expertise is appreciated worldwide, and we are eager to further strengthen its role in the global heavy fabrication industry”, tells Pemamek’s Vice Chairman of the Board and Director of Global Sales, Jaakko Heikonen.

Pemamek’s latest factory expansion was finished in 2017. Now, the factory totals 20,000 square meters. The upcoming expansion will bring 7,000 square meters more of manufacturing, assembly, and office space. The new premises are ready for production use during the last quarter of 2022. Once ready, the entire factory area will total 27,000 square meters.

The new investment increases also Pemamek’s need to recruit an additional workforce. By the end of the year, the company is looking to hire 40 new employees.

“The expansion has a direct impact on our need for new talents. Even now, we are running a major recruitment campaign to find colleagues for various positions. Pemamek is a great place to work for those who thrive in an international and dynamic working community with family values”, summarizes Mäkitalo.

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