Pemamek at the IPF conference

Welcome to the IPF Conference with Pemamek!

We are eagerly looking forward to the IPF conference on April 26-28 in Atlantic City, NJ to talk about the solutions for the wind energy industry!

The offshore wind is booming. The coasts of the United States and Canada are creating a tremendous opportunity for the monopile and floating fabricators for massive projects and companies are investing in solutions to streamline the manufacturing processes. The sizes of monopiles and floating foundations are getting bigger which also brings challenges to the manufacturing. One of the biggest challenges is finding the right design and material that can handle heavy weights and large diameters.

On our booth, you can learn more about

  • PEMA Solutions for offshore wind,
  • Building of floating foundations,
  • Robotic Welding Technology

If you have any questions before the event, we are happy to help. You are warmly welcome to meet us and many others at the event! 

Michael Bell from Pemamek will be attending the event. You will find us at booth 1011. 

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