Introducing a new innovation, PEMA Nozzle welding station

Pemamek enters the new year with a new product development, a revolutionary solution for pressure vessels that automates the nozzle welding process. Automation reduces defect rates and saves manual welding hours typically required for a time-consuming and demanding multilayer welding procedure.

PEMA Nozzle welding solution is a revolutionary system to increase the efficiency of pressure vessel production. Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, the solution is optimal for heavy-duty workpieces that contain thick plates and large, prepared grooves.

For companies in process industry to be able to meet their capacity, quality and production demands, we see a need for an automated solution for pressure vessel welding”, explains Jyri Luhtio, Application Manager of Process & Offshore Equipment at Pemamek.

Luhtio continues, “Automation improves welding quality and reduces defect rates. It also responds to the challenges of finding enough qualified manual welders.”

“Market analyses and forecasts show that there exists a growing need for automated solutions within the industry”.

The innovative PEMA Nozzle welding station enables automatic creation of robotic welding programs based on laser scanned groove geometry.

We offer two standard-sized solutions for pressure vessel nozzle welding that cover good range of current market needs in terms of pressure vessel dimensions and weights. However, if needed, we will customize a solution to match the customer’s needs”, Luhtio summarizes.

Robotic nozzle welding for vessels

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