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Wednesday 22nd of September

11:00 (UTC+3)
18:00 (UTC+3

The competition in the shipbuilding industry has gotten even tougher and manufacturers are eagerly seeking for ways to optimize production by improving operational performance and unlocking production advantages. This is why the specialists in welding at Pemamek and the specialist in 3D cutting at HGG Profiling Equipment have joined hands to offer you the best of both worlds.

The online summit Compact Cutting and Welding Solutions for Shipyards, focuses on actively responding to the needs of shipyards in the constantly developing environment. Allocating space for automation in existing shipyards can be challenging. PEMA and HGG have come up with compact solutions, that allow to make a leap in productivity with minimum use of floorspace and qualified workers. In the summit, we will highlight both entry level investments in individual solutions as full automation packages with very short payback times.


And what would be an online event without solutions running live?

We want to make sure that you will enjoy every minute you spend with us. In the webinar we will demonstrate to you the complete process from cutting to welding in a compact manufacturing station. Automated solutions for shipyards can be customized to customer’s specific production needs.

Key takeaways:

• Automating cutting and welding
• Benefits of combining high-quality cutting and welding
• High precision plasma cutting for shipbuilding profiles
• Live robotic welding with Vision Robot Welding Portal (VRWP-C)
• New ideas to improve efficiency

Questions to consider:
• Why make the transition to automation?
• What are the lasting benefits of compact cutting and welding solutions?
• What are the skills manufacturers need to guide their business through automation transformation?
• Will the transformation be worth the money and what’s the impact on efficiency?

Meet the speakers:
• Teemu Rusi, Application Manager, Heavy Equipment, Pemamek
• Daan van Dee, Channel Manager, HGG

Meet the solutions:
• Live Welding with VRWP-C
• Ship Profiler Stiffener & Pipe Cutter (UPC 450)

The language of the webinar is English. The event is free for all participants.

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