Pemamek at FABTECH Mexico

Welcome to FABTECH Mexico with Pemamek!

We are eagerly looking forward to FABTECH Mexico on May 3-5 in Monterrey, Mexico to talk about welding automation and robotic solutions!

Robotic welding and welding automation can tackle many challenges manufacturers are facing today. Manufacturing gigantic wind towers and foundations is efficient and safe with the right equipment. And if welding becomes a bottleneck in production due to a lack of skilled welders – robotic solutions can help. We look forward to discussing these topics with you further during FABTECH Mexico!

At our booth, you can learn more about

  • Robotic Welding technology
  •  Floating foundations and offshore wind
  • Welding automation for the heavy equipment industry


If you have any questions before the event, we are happy to help. You are warmly welcome to meet us and many others at the event! 

Joonas Arola from Pemamek will be attending the event together with our partner IP Grupo. You will find us at booth 1928.

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