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Long-term client Estanc relies on PEMA solutions

Estanc, a family-owned company based in Estonia, is the biggest company in its field within the Baltics and Nordic countries.

The company’s mission is to manufacture and provide products that help making the world a greener, more sustainable place to live. The cooperation with Pemamek started nearly ten years ago, back when Estanc started building its newest factory.

Challenge: To decrease the amount of manual work and increase productivity.

Solution: PEMA Assembly and welding station TW5000-80 with integrated roller beds and PEMA HD 5×5 Column&Boom, and additional sets of PEMA roller beds and positioners.

Benefit: Excellent welding quality, better productivity and profitability.

“In 2011 we started building our new factory, and that’s also when we first got in touch with Pemamek. We had heard positive things about PEMA solutions from other companies in our field, and our first order was PEMA Assembly station with integrated Column&Boom”, tells Tõnis Tuuder, Designer of Future Technologies with an extensive 19-year career at Estanc.

Founded in 1992, Estanc is a family-owned company operating in the process industry with an annual turnover of over 25 million euros. Estanc is a one-stop-shop for its customers; from the planning and pre-design to manufacturing a wide selection of products including heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and non-pressure tanks. The company’s mission is to produce innovative, environmentally friendly process equipment that makes our world a sustainable place for generations to come.

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PEMA Solutions Enable Efficient Production

PEMA Assembly and welding station TW5000-80

PEMA HD 5×5 Column & Boom

PEMA solutions are crucial for us”

The first delivery from Pemamek to Estanc included PEMA Assembly and welding station TW5000-80, a solution for manufacturing tubular and conical workpieces with high-quality. The solution was delivered with integrated PEMA HD 5×5 Column&Boom with operator seat feature and PEMA A80 rollerbeds, suitable for handling heavy workpieces with automatic adjustments.

Since the first delivery, Pemamek has delivered few sets of additional PEMA roller beds (PEMA A80 Idler, PEMA A80 2D, PEMA A80 4D) to the Estonian-based company.

“We manufacture a lot of pressure vessels, shells, and tanks, and they need to be moved around a lot. That’s why PEMA roller beds for heavy workpieces are so crucial for us”, explains Tõnis Tuuder.

 The latest delivery in 2019 also included two PEMA positioners, PEMA APS 1500 and PEMA APS 3500. PEMA positioners enable lifting, rotating and tilting heavy and complex workpieces, ensuring ideal ergonomic working positions for welders. According to Tuuder, PEMA solutions are essential for the manufacturing process.

“Our manufacturing requires welding in various different positions. PEMA solutions guarantee easy rotation of workpieces as well as top welding quality.”

“PEMA solutions have replaced a lot of manual work in our production”

High-quality welding and visible time savings

Before, most of Estanc’s work was handwork. With PEMA solutions, the modern factory has started shifting from manual work towards more automatized production.

“PEMA solutions have replaced a lot of manual work in our production. We aren’t doing as much manual work as we did before. The next step for us will be investing in a robotic welding solution”, tells Simo Eiert, Designer of Value Creation at Estanc.

Both Eiert and Tuuder agree that automating some of the production processes has resulted in time savings and faster production. According to Tuuder,

“Our production became significantly faster right away after the first PEMA deliveries. PEMA solutions save us a lot of manual working hours, which makes our manufacturing quicker – and also, guarantees an excellent welding quality.”

PEMA Assembly and welding station can be managed by just one operator, which increases productivity and efficiency. When the solution is integrated with PEMA Column&Boom and roller beds, the operator can assemble and weld in the same station.

“In some of our working zones, we can work four to five times faster now. That naturally brings a lot of benefits; we can manufacture more products and grow our business, get a faster return on investment. But also, faster production means we can more efficiently take part in creating a more sustainable world. We want to make the world greener with our products”, explains Eiert.

“Our production became significantly faster right away after the first PEMA deliveries. PEMA solutions save us a lot of manual working hours, which makes our manufacturing quicker – and also, guarantees excellent welding quality.”

welding roller bed

Estanc has invested in PEMA roller beds to guarantee easy rotation of workpieces and high-quality welding

Flourishing collaboration

With an export rate of 97%, Estanc has delivered process equipment worldwide. The company provides its customers with top-notch products, and carefully considers its partners. Regular visits back and forth and ongoing communication enable trustworthy and successful collaboration.

“Working with Pemamek is really great cooperation – it’s like communicating with friends. 50 years of experience in their field means that PEMA experts have the knowledge to serve their customers with fitting solutions”, says Eiert.

Both Eiert and Tuuder agree that implementing PEMA solutions into Estanc’s manufacturing processes has been effortless, as the solutions were specifically chosen and tailored to fit their production needs.

“Adapting PEMA solutions into our production is always smooth because they fit our needs. Pemamek doesn’t just have standard products, but also offer highly customized solutions. Their experts understand our processes and know, which PEMA solutions would be the most beneficial to us”, finishes Tuuder.

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