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Instantly improved assembly, welding, and fit-up for Gülermak

Gülermak, one of Turkey's largest manufacturers in structural and mechanical steel, invested in PEMA Assembly station to improve their production capacity.

With ambitious future goals in sight, Gülermak foresees a long-lasting cooperation with Pemamek.

Besides being the leading manufacturer in the local market, the Turkish powerhouse exports its products to nearly 60 countries around the globe. Gülermak was established already in 1958, and its yearly manufacturing capacity is 30 000 tons – with everything being designed and manufactured fully in-house.

“We are a highly experienced and well-known manufacturer in domestic as well as international markets. We have completed hundreds of projects including, for example, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, industrial plants, refineries, material handling systems, architectural buildings and bridges”, starts Eylem Isıktas, Project Coordination Manager at Gülermak.

Eylem Isıktas, Project Coordination Manager, Gülermak.

Deniz Bakan, Chairman of the Board, Gülermak.

PEMA Assembly and welding station to bring efficiency and quality

The motive to invest in modern welding and production automation was clear for Gülermak: enhanced production efficiency and welding quality.

“We decided to invest in PEMA solutions because of the significant benefits they can provide to our production capacity”, states Deniz Bakan, Chairman of the Board, Gülermak.

The full order, delivered to Gülermak during the past January, included PEMA TW7200-120 Assembly and welding station, with an integrated PEMA HD 7.5×6 Column & Boom with SAW Tandem Twin. The handling capacity of the solution is 120 tonnes, and it is designed to easily align, fit-up, tack-weld and continuously weld two sections together.

According to Isıktas, the installation was carried out very efficiently: “We were really satisfied with the whole process: the installation and training took us altogether just one week, and then we already had the solution running in our production. Pemamek provided a supervisor to come visit our premises, and with his help, the installation was very smooth and easy”.

Smooth transition from manual work to automated solutions

PEMA Assembly and welding station is an optimal solution for speedy and accurate fit-up of large cylinders. Additionally, the solution provides notable help with staff capacity – something that many companies within the construction

industry typically battle with. To Gülermak, the benefits have been diverse and comprehensive.

“Assembly, welding, and fit-up: they have all improved within the past months. For us, fit-up work is essentially the most crucial phase and improving that process has been very important”, says Isıktas.

Before investing in welding automation, all of the operations were done manually. Now, by automating the processes, the company is seeing significant time savings:
“After implementing PEMA solutions into our production, we need just two to three employees to do the same job that used to require 10 employees. This is essential for both safety and human work power, as we can direct our talented employees to other tasks”, explains Isıktas.

We definitely have additional plans for investing in PEMA Solutions. We aim for a cooperation that will last for many years.

“We aim for a cooperation that will last for many years”

A striking detail about the cooperation between Gülermak and Pemamek is the fact that all interactions were carried out through digital platforms. From the initial contact to finalized agreements, everything was completed remotely. A versatile mix of public and private webinars as well as virtual meetings enabled the cooperation, and Isıktas compliments the ease of communication between the parties.

“Even during these unusual times, without the traditional face-to-face meetings and visits, communication with Team PEMA has been very easy.” Satisfied with the overall process and the benefits of the investment, Bakan sees a shared future between the two dynamic companies: 

“We definitely have additional plans for investing in PEMA solutions. We aim for a cooperation that will last for many years”, finished Bakan.

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